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Elizabeth Salazar is a survivor featured in Dead Island 2. She can be found at Emma's Mansion in Bel-Air.


Elizabeth is the sister of Luciana, and Carlos Salazar, and the daughter of Andrea Salazar. After Emma Jaunt, Robert Steele, and Michael Anders pack up and leave for the evacuation flight, Andrea makes Elizabeth, along with her siblings move into Emma's mansion with her. Elizabeth is always seen reading books, or freaking out over the bad situation they are in.


Elizabeth is a young to middle aged woman with black hair tied up in a bun. She wears a dark pale blue patterned jacket, a peach undershirt, dark blue jeans, and black pumps. She also wears black square rimmed glasses.


  • Elizabeth had a crush on Sean, as is revealed if you stand near to her after completing the main quest Bel-Air Brawl.
  • She doesn't like guns.
  • Elizabeth loves books and prefers them over movies.