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The Electrotherapy Mod is a weapon modification featured in Dead Island: Riptide. When crafted at a workbench, it adds very heavy electrical damage and an electrical critical effect to the weapon.


The Electrotherapy mod is a rather late game mod and requires a lot of scavenging to create, but gives a powerful weapon at the end of it. The mod only requires three different mod items but they're scattered around Henderson and require a lot of searching. Luckily, the mod is otherwise cheap to make, needing just $250 and a base weapon. The effect it gives is powerful, with a decent base damage increase, a higher crit chance and a powerful shock effect comparable to a high end electrical mod such as the Old Smoky Mod. It's very good at tearing through Zombies like Walkers or Infected and when it gets a crit, it's good for tying down harder enemies like Thugs, allowing for essentially free hits. Visually, the mod adds a similar effect to other shock mods, with wires and a battery pack on the handle to electrify the blade.

The downsides of the mod are numerous, however, chiefly being that the mod parts don't respawn after being collected and the side quest is only completable once per playthrough. As a result, no new mod parts can be acquired and they are not sold or spawn anywhere else, so once crafted you have to play through the game all again until reaching Henderson to then do the quest again. Secondly, the amount of applicable mods is slightly lower than the aforementioned Old Smokey Mod which deals the same crit effect and same crit chance for far more common mod items, even if it does require a more cash and parts to craft. Even if the Old Smokey Mod is not yet obtained, other high ranking shock mods like the Short-Circuit Mod are nearly as good as this mod and can be acquired earlier with a far wider weapon selection.


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Enhance your ability to incapacitate your enemies with electricity.
Received from Damien for completing his side quest Memories.
Blueprint Base Item Needed Required Material Cost Stats

Electrotherapy Mod

    • Capacitor x 1
    • Electric Coil x 1
    • Spark Gap x 1



  • While the mod is powerful, you can only craft it ONCE per playthrough. This is due to needing specific parts for the mod, which are only available while completing Damien's side quest Memories. These parts don't respawn and there's no way of getting them again other than going through the entire game again or joining a player who hasn't completed the side quest yet.