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The Electro Military Knife is a developer's craft weapon blueprint featured in Dead Island. This Developer's Craft must be unlocked via the coloured Skulls found across the game.


Like all other dev craft mods, the Electro Military Knife is an extremely powerful weapon that has both upsides and downsides. One of the more usable dev craft weapons in the game, the military knife has very low damage, force and durability when compared to even common rarity weapons, which sees it a poor weapon for actually defending yourself with. Despite its low stamina usage, the knife will take nearly all of its durability to kill even a single Walker, unless it crits, which is not 100% guaranteed unlike the Mindblowing Military Knife. However, it most excels at killing Thugs, where if it crits it will continue to electrocute the Thug until it dies, no matter how much health it has left. As such, the weapon should only be used on Thugs rather than basic Walkers or Infected, since Thugs have a chance to drop high amounts of Cash, which help cover the extortionate cost required to maintain it from even a small amount of damage. On top of its high repair/maintenance cost, the weapon is very costly to craft, at $10,000 and 5 Diamonds, the rarest of all mod items, along with a Battery. Its level does not scale with the player, regardless of when it is crafted, and whilst Xian Mei's skills help it a little bit, it makes little difference to its overall high cost and very low stats. Finally, due to being a knife, it has a very short range, allowing zombies to often get a quick hit in.


Like all dev weapons, the weapon has no applicable weapon mods, though it must be crafted through a blueprint:


  • Like all dev craft weapons, it can't be found in the world and must be crafted at a workbench.
  • The created weapon is always level 24 and always a grey 'unlevelled' rarity weapon.