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Electrifying is a hard difficulty side quest given to the Heroes by Zoey in Dead Island: Riptide. It can be accepted at any point in the game after reaching the Paradise Survival Camp, but is recommended to be one of the first quests you complete.


Zoey wants to electrify the fences to electrocute zombies who touch the defences. She asks you to retrieve the components to make it from some nearby areas.


  • Talk to Zoey to start the quest.
  • Zoey wants to make electrified fences to help defend the camp from any zombie attacks. However, she doesn't have everything she needs to do it. Luckily, there are some places nearby that have the parts she needs.
  • Head towards the main road on the other side of the camp, over the bridge that was already destroyed when you got here. There's a Jeep parked up next to a bench, but there's some Walkers around as well as some Infected down the road, who will spot you.
  • If you're quick enough, you can hop into the Jeep before the Infected reach you and before the Walkers get up and you can run them over. However, this is dangerous as you'll be a sitting duck in the Jeep while you turn it on, allowing them to get some free hits on you through the window. The safest way to handle this is to kill the Walkers and wait for the Infected to reach you before killing them and getting into the Jeep once the way is clear.
  • Drive down the road until you reach a large trailer park named Kiwi Camping. This is the location of what Zoey calls 'accumulators'. Dotted around the campsite are five of them but you'll need to explore them on foot.
  • Run over all the Infected and Walkers on the road with the Jeep to clear out a large part of the area. Stay in the Jeep for a little bit and watch the campsite entrance to see if anything comes shambling out. If it does, run it over!
  • Once the area is clear, exit the vehicle. Once you enter the campsite, five green search circles will appear over the trailers. There's five in total and each one has one 'accumulator' which looks a lot like a car battery.
  • Search through each trailer to find an accumulator. Some of them are hidden behind boxes or luggage, so look carefully and use your flashlight if you can't see very well.
  • Once you have all five 'accumulators', return to the Jeep and leave the campsite behind.
  • Continue down the road, since the quest isn't done yet. Instead, it will direct you to Mataka Village and to a small house on the outskirts of the village.
  • About 50 or so meters from the campsite is a thin trail. If you check the map, it will lead you straight to Mataka, so exit the Jeep and start to head down the trail. You'll encounter more Infected and Walkers down here, but nothing you can't handle hopefully.
  • You'll arrive shortly at the flooded Mataka Village and its sad collection of huts built on stilts and flooded caravans. However, we are interested in the hut directly to your right. It's a two story warehouse which has had its main double door entrance barricaded from the inside.
  • Clear out the area around the warehouse and go all the way around it to the decking on the other side. There's usually a Floater here, so be prepared to deal with it when you go around.
  • Once any enemies are dead, look for a pile of boxes and barrels up against the chain link fence. You can use this to hop over and get into the warehouse area. There's a Walker here, but it's busy eating so it's easy pickings. Take the roll of wire from a metal shelf near the door.
  • Break open the door to gain entry to the warehouse, but be ready to backpedal quickly. There's a Suicider inside guarding the second cable. Use a flare gun if you have one or some other ranged weapon to deal with it quickly from a safe distance.
  • The second roll of wire is on another metal shelf, usually near to where the Suicider was. Take it and remove the barricade over the door to be able to exit.
  • Depending on how far through the main story you are, you can either fast travel back to Paradise from Mataka Village or take the motorboat from the fast travel hut if you're past that point in the story. Otherwise, return down the path to your Jeep and drive back to Paradise.
  • Talk to Zoey to hand over the parts and get your reward.


  • The Shark Mod can be found inside the storeroom/workshop at Mataka Village on a metal shelf near the double doors.
  • You can find Palanai Island Guide #2 in Kiwi Camping in the bar area to right of the main camp.
  • Angela Guerra Recording Part 2 can be found inside the workshop at Mataka Village on the lowest shelf of a metal shelf next to the double doors.
  • There's a two story house inside the main camping area of Kiwi Camping that has some Walkers inside it as well as a Suicider behind a chain fence. If you kill the Suicider, you can safely enter the fenced off area to find 3 metal chests, including a level 3 metal chest which often gives out some good loot.
  • You will periodically hear some loud Infected screaming while in the vicinity of Kiwi Camping, however no Infected will actually appear.
  • This is a good quest to complete before reaching the main quest The Ritual, as that's your first siege event and having the electrified fences will greatly benefit you.