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They can't help what they are. They're sick in the head. I showed some compassion and I got bit. By tomorrow I'll be one of 'em. Got maybe six hours left. Probably less. But until then I can still do some good, right?
— Earl, telling the Heroes that he is bit, but still wants to help them before he turns.

Earl was a survivor featured in Dead Island.

He is located inside his automotive workshop, alongside his daughter Jin. He is first seen during the quest Misery Wagon, after the Hero brings the armoured truck to him. He offers to make the truck stronger, which begins the main quest Only the Strong Survive.

After the completion of the quest, Earl explains that the Hero can have the truck, but only if the Hero takes Jin with them, as he is bitten. Earl and Jin say their goodbyes, and Earl is left behind.

During the quest Back in Black, when the Hero, Jin, and Mowen have returned to the Resort, Jin says she must go and do something on her own. A cutscene plays showing Jin returning to her father's workshop. She opens the door to the office and backs away. Moments later, an infected Earl emerges as a Walker. When he approaches Jin, she tells him that she loves him, and shoots him.


Earl is a middle aged man with short black hair and a full beard. Unlike most male survivors in the Resort, Earl is fully dressed with a blue sleeveless t-shirt, blue pants held up by a brown belt, white socks, and grey boots. He also wears a blue baseball cap and a bandage on his left arm.


  • The player can return to his workshop, but cannot open the room he is staying in.
  • Earl wanted the slayers to get his daughter off the island and for her to live her life, sadly Jin died and never escaped the island.