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DI2 dudes who get inked location

Dudes Who Get Inked is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectables possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm.


Dropped by the named Walker Grant at Roses Tattoo parlour at Venice Beach. During the Lost & Found quest Drunk and Disorderly, the Slayers are led to Rose's Tatoo parlour where the named Walker Grant can be found. Upon being killed he will drop the collectible on the ground for collection.


Dudes Who Chug
should I get a gun or a skull
you guys picked the worst time to leave
where the fuck is mark anyway
he would know what to do
face it G, he's not coming
just missing out on the greatest night of all time
yeah there's something in the air tonite fosho
where are you guys??
this tattoo lady keeps screaming at me, she won't back the fuck off
seriously it's hurting my ears
chill, we're just at the weed store down the street
we'll be hanging round outside, join us when you're done k?
if the tattoo woman ain't bitten your head off haha