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Drunken Guest is a character featured in Dead Island.


The Drunken Guest is the focus of the intro cutscene of Dead Island, taking place the night before the start of the game. He acts as the false protagonist of Dead Island. He got heavily intoxicated during the night of Sam B's concert just prior to the outbreak. Prior to entering the concert, the guest is seen drinking heavily. After entering, he runs into a belligerent and egotistical Logan Carter, who is equally intoxicated. After Logan tries to convince the Guest of his fame, the Guest pushes him out of the way.

He continues to party for a short bit before jumping on stage with Sam B, playing to the crowd and grabbing another bottle of alcohol. After throwing the bottle at Sam B, Sam flips him off and pushes him off the stage. Other party goers quickly pick him up before Purna knees him in the crotch for attempting to cop a feel.

One of the Bouncers helps the Guest up, and seeing he is heavily intoxicated, offers to help him back to his room. As the Guest stands up, the bouncer is attacked by an Infected woman while the guest turns around and stumbles away to the hotel.

Once inside the hotel, the Guest accidentally stumbles into the women's bathroom. After turning on the sink, he sees Xian Mei trying to help an injured woman on the floor. He staggers over to the two, and swipes some of the pills next to them before Xian Mei yells at him for being in the woman's bathroom, telling him to leave.

After leaving the bathroom, the Guest drunkenly makes his way to his room. Before making it to the door, a Bellboy asks him if he needs help with anything, but is forcefully shoved out of the way as the Guest enters his room, swallows the pills and takes a final gulp of alcohol before passing out.

When the outbreak devastated Banoi, it is unknown what became of the Guest.


The Guest is a young man with short brown hair and a clean shaven face. He wears a light green and white striped button up shirt, light grey cargo pants, and black boots. He also wears a silver watch on his left wrist, some kind of visor, and what appears to be a sling backpack.


  • He has the same character model as Connor which could mean that the guest is Connor. This is known because Connor is alive after the outbreak for a short while, and the guest's status is unknown. However, this is highly unlikely as it would require him to have somehow made it from the resort, all the way to the laboratory deep in the jungle (while presumably suffering from a severe hangover).
  • Some people thought he was Ryder White, but that is impossible because Ryder was on duty in another place during the time of when the outbreak started.
  • The heroes seem to have passed out in their hotel room on their bed from drinking too much just like The Drunken Guest. But only Logan was drunk and stumbling around. The three other heroes had just witnessed a zombie attack. It is unknown why they would even go back to their room to get drunk and not even try to leave the hotel.
  • The opening with The Drunken Guest and the music with it is a favorite among Dead Island fans.
  • It is unknown why the Dead Island developers didn't make The Drunken Guest a playable character.