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The Drug Dealer's Shack is a location featured in Dead Island: Riptide in the top part of the Flooded jungle. It is just below the Breri Outpost and joins with Hanging Joe. It was the house where a drug dealer used to live and create illegal drugs and is the destination for the side quest White Line.


The shack is at the top of a raised hill in the waterways, built on stilts. There is a wooden walkway all around the shack with several ways of getting to it, including the washed out rope bridge, a ladder as well as vines for climbing. The outside of the shack is quite overgrown with plant life whilst the shack itself is made of bamboo with many window frames set into it. There's a blocked main double door entrance which can't be opened as well as two single doors, one around each side, of which one is accessible. The walkway is littered with various boxes, Wicker Baskets and debris which prevents walking all the way around the shack. The roof is made of scrap wood and metal, which gives it protection against the extreme weather of the jungle.

Inside, the shack is quite barebones, with just a basic bed, some basic furniture such as desks or cabinets as well as more wicker baskets for storage. The floor is made of rough pieces of wood which is breaking apart, with visible large holes in several areas, showing the poor level of craftsmanship. The main door is blocked with a table and a dead body is on the ground, possibly the drug dealer. A hole in one corner is covered by a trapdoor which reveals a ladder down into the secret drug lab basement. The lab has many metal shelves containing chemicals or drugs used by the dealer to make his wares, as well as several metal tables with apparatus to cook and create drugs. Several large jerry cans can be seen on the floor and some Duffle Bags can also be found, likely used to smuggle and transport drugs around to sell or to be taken back to the lab.


  • When first entering the shack, Mr. Dead, a special named Infected, can be found and killed in the main room. On subsequent visits, he will not respawn.
  • A workbench can be found in the main room.
  • A Metal chest can be found also in the main room.
  • Another is found in the drug den.
  • A large Medkit is found on a shelf in the drug den.