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The Drill Sergeant is a named Crusher featured in Dead Island 2. Although there little material to shine a light on who the Drill Sergeant was, it can be inferred that he was tasked in maintaining discipline among the rank & file United States Army troops stationed at the converted Halperin Hotel, as well as keeping the soldiers in top physical condition and battle readiness for the protection of the Evac Center against the surging tide of Infected. He, along most of the U.S Army troops stationed at the Halperin, was overtaken by the Infected following the collapse of much of their defensive infrastructure from the earthquakes hitting L.A.


Like all other Crushers, the Drill Sergeant is tall and muscular with bulging muscles and veins from the Autophage mutation in his infected form. He towers above the regular zombies and stomps around with force, capable of dealing heavy damage to anyone unfortunate enough to get in his way. However, due to his size and mass he is slow and easily dodged, leading to his weakness.


The Drill Sergeant is a towering, muscular US Army zombie. He sports a blonde crew cut and is dressed in a torn olive green undershirt, UCP camouflage fatigue pants with a tan belt, combat boots, and a pad strapped to his left forearm.


The Drill Sergeant will, when unagitated, patrol his area of Lacuna Avenue. He will stomp around his area, content to watch out for prey, whilst occasionally pausing to roar or look closer for any survivors he could target. When he spots one, he will stomp straight towards them, uncaring of any threats to his own existence, in hopes of crushing and punching them. Upon getting in range, he will unleash powerful but slow punches at them, or kick at them, in hopes of breaking bones and causing fatal trauma. He will also jump and slam his fists into the ground in hopes of knocking them down from the shockwaves his slams produce.


  • As the Drill Sergeant is a Crusher, any of the usual Crusher tactics will work.
  • There is a small puddle of water in the road along with a generator, which can be turned on to electrify the water. Leading him into this is a good way to deal a good amount of free damage on him.
    • To this extreme, there is the Halperin Hotel Sinkhole nearby which is a larger pool of water. Leading him into this water then hitting it with an Electrocutor Mod weapon will cause heavy damage to him and possibly even kill him.
  • Using the Chem Bomb Curveball on him will make him far more susceptible to electric damage, so be sure to hit him with it before leading him to an electric hazard or attacking him with an electric weapon.
  • The Meat Bait curveball has no effect on him, so only use it to distract the Walkers, Shamblers and Runners that are near to him.
  • Due to his size, using the Shuriken curveball at close to medium range will near guarantee that all three projectiles hit him and will cause decent damage.
  • Using your recently acquired Overhead Smash Skill card will allow you to unbalance him, which can lead to a free attack, as well as causing some minor damage to him.