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Dr. Kessler's Biosphere, called in game as just the Research Laboratory, is a location introduced in Dead Island: Riptide. It's the area that Dr. Kessler resides in and was used for researching various medical and scientific compounds.

The Heroes first learn about it from Harlow Jordan, who sends them there during the main quest Way of Science, where the heroes have to go in search of Kessler to find out more about the outbreak. Upon arrival, Kessler is suspicious but finally lets them in. During Dr Kessler, the heroes have to fight off the undead scientists in the biodome to get some reagents for Kessler to study along with their blood. After this, the heroes leave with a warning from Kessler foreboding them about their immunity. We don't see the biosphere after this, but since Kessler has no undead in the compound, we can assume that Kessler is still alive and still researching in his biosphere safe from the undead.


The Biosphere is a lot smaller than the Lab on Banoi. It's located near the ruined bridge to Henderson. There's a perimeter wall with a vehicle gate to allow vehicles to access the main building. The Biosphere is laced in with the jungle, as the exterior is still very overgrown and organic. The building is partly hidden from the plant life and all around it is trees and plants. There's a fork in the road inside the main compound, with one way leading to an old bunker, used for storing supplies and food, with the right fork being used to access the main building. The whole compound is thankfully devoid of zombies, meaning the gate and fence did their jobs to prevent the infection entering the Biosphere.

The left fork leads to the bunker, but it is lined with clumps of mines. Make sure to skirt around them using various ladders and tree trunks over them to reach the bunker. There's some items inside the bunker, as well as a metal chest.

The right fork leads to the main compound which is overlooking a cliff edge. There area various barrels and fenced off storage areas outside the building, as well as a fast travel map. The main building is split into three areas, the foyer, the research lab and the biodome. The foyer is a small, rectangular room which serves to connect the outside with the main lab room. It's got lockers for the scientists to change clothes. The main lab area has all the equipment, as well as a window to look over the biodome.

The biodome itself is a lush greenhouse, made from a dome of glass panels. There's some raised platforms in the middle, with some barrels scattered around and a few cargo lifts to get object up to the raised platforms. This area contains the only zombies in the compound, being Kessler's students who were infected and mutated into Grenadiers and Mutated Scientists, which the Heroes must later kill to collect some reagents for Kessler. This area is connected to the lab via a disinfectant shower tunnel which has sturdy double doors each end.


  • There are two metal chests in the foyer of the lab. Use this as a way of getting some good weapons. You can also loot the lockers for mod items.
  • Another two metal chests can be found in the greenhouse itself, on the floor within some open wire cages.