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Dr. JJ Evans' Clinic is a Dead Zone located in Henderson and featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It's one of the many dead zones scattered around the game and is a part of the Villa Henderson.


The dead zone is typical of the dead zones found in Henderson, being one of three possible layouts. Upon entering the dead zone, there's a single long, wide corridor which leads to a set of double doors at the end. These can't be opened, nor can the door to the left, and all other doors along the corridor are boarded up, meaning the only way forwards is through the elbow corridor to the right. The door at the end is locked and needs to be broken down. Through here is a laundromat, with many washing machines and zombies. There's a few rows of them in the centre which obscure the view, as well as steam which fogs up the interior. Towards the back of the laundromat is another door which leads to a small room with a table and chair.


Thanks to lacking special infected (other than the boss who will not respawn after being killed the first time), this dead zone is one of the easier to clear, if not the easiest to get to in the first place thanks to the Screamer and plethora of zombies that haunt the Villa Henderson. At the end of the entrance corridor are a few standing Walkers and a couple of Infected, who will charge at you. Killing the Infected first, then the Walkers, is easy enough. A few Walkers also lurk on the ground or against the walls, playing dead until you near them, hoping to grab you. The door the actual laundromat is locked, meaning unless you're playing Sam B, you'll need to break through it and then quickly back up before zombies converge on the open door. The easiest way to get some breathing room is to throw a Sonic Pulse Grenade into the laundromat and close the door. This easily clears out most of the Walkers around both the door and boss. A molotov or firearm such as a Sniper Rifle will easily deal with the boss and even a flare gun will make easy work of him thanks to the poison cloud surrounding him. Once he's down, clearing the last few Walkers will be easy, as will the Infected lurking in the room at the back of the laundromat.

Dr. JJ Evans' Clinic
Named Boss Dr. "Scar" JJ Evans (Thug)
Blueprints None
Rare Modification Items Aluminum Tube, Blanket, Cyanoacrylate Glue, Insulating Tape, Water Purification Tablets
Chests 1x common, 2x level 1, 1x level 2
Workbench None
Other notes Other enemies consist solely of Walkers and Infected


  • The Walkers will slowly respawn as you spend time in the location, so be sure to quickly loot it and leave to avoid having to fight more of them.
  • The metal chests are located in the corners of the laundromat room itself.


  • Despite the dead zone being labelled a 'clinic', it is instead a laundromat. The actual clinic could be behind one of the boarded up doors along the entrance corridor, but if so it's strange that Scar himself would not be in his clinic and instead be in the laundromat.