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Dr. Branden's House is a location featured in Escape Dead Island. It's one of the many houses found in the Staff Village on Narapela, used by the workers and scientists at the nearby GeoPharm Labs. This house was the home of Dr. Branden, a scientist working on a cure for cancer. He was treating children afflicted with the disease before the outbreak happened, but it's unknown what happened to Dr. Branden or the children he was working with.


The house looks like any other house in the staff village, with the modern white and varnished wood design, an upper walk around balcony, two entrance doors and large glass wall in the top room. The doors are barricaded closed with pieces of wood and the bedroom door is also barricaded closed, preventing access to the rest of the house. Inside the upper room it's quite well furnished, with several large chairs, a nice sofa around a coffee table. There's a desk with a chair and computer and a lot of children's posters on the wall, presumably drawn by the children Dr. Branden was working with. There's a chest of drawers near the glass wall and a few shelves that have books on them.


  • In the upper room is a lot of good loot.
    • There's a box of pistol ammo on the table, as well as a box of shotgun ammo.
    • A medkit can be found on a different table, increasing your max health by 1.
  • At the end of the balcony you can find research log 3.
  • A Shamber is playing dead on the sofa and will come alive upon you entering. It's unknown if this is Dr. Branden or not.
  • Taking a picture of the research notes on the wall above Dr. Brandon's desk with the Camera gives Snapshot 20.
  • Taking a picture of the framed photograph of the child on Dr. Brandon's desk with the Camera gives Snapshot 68.