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Hey, I'm Dominic. This piece of shit antenna is too weak to reach past the island. We need a signal amplifier to cut through the static.
— Dominic, explaining about the antenna.

Dominic is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


He is first seen when the Hero awakens to the sight of Jack shouting at them with a baseball bat. Dominic is trying to calm him down when they realize that the Hero isn't infected. He remains in the Beach House with the survivors while the heroes get the keycard and clear out the Lifeguard Tower.

Once the group moves to the Lifeguard Tower, he gives the Hero the main quest On the Air, in which the Hero must head to the Lighthouse and retrieve parts for the antenna that he is attempting to repair. Once he receives the parts, he goes to the antenna and starts working on it, remaining there while the heroes travel to Moresby to find more supplies. Upon their return, Sinamoi claims Dominic and a few others went to repair the hotel's antennae, but have not been heard from in a couple days.

When reaching the hotel entrance during the main quest Bird on the Roof, a cut scene reveals Dominic is still alive, but alone. It is likely Dominic stays in the hotel for the rest of the game, as after the cutscene ends, he is not seen at the lifeguard tower again.


Dominic is a middle aged man with who is nearly bald other than some thin hair on the top of his head. He has a goatee and a thin moustache. Unlike most male survivors in the Resort, Dominic is fully clothed with a green patterned shirt, a white undershirt, light green cargo shorts, white socks and light brown boots. He also has a black messenger bag along with a green waist bag and a watch on his right wrist.


  • After completing the main quest On the Air, Dominic disappears from the Lifeguard Tower as he is meant to. However sometimes the Wrench he was holding can be seen floating in mid air next to his toolbox as if he was still at the Lifeguard Tower.
  • It is never explained what happens to Dominic or why he never returns to the Lifeguard Tower. But he might have decided to stay at the resort with Mike Davis.