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An order is an order soldier!
— Major Dixon

Major Dixon is a survivor featured in Dead Island who only appears in the Bloodbath Arena DLC. He is a Banoi Island Defense Force soldier under the command of Colonel Ryder White and was in charge of the evacuation procedure before the bunker was overrun. In a cutscene when the Heroes first enter the Arena lobby, he is giving a speech to his troops, before meeting the Heroes and he giving an explanation about the four different arenas. After the scene ends, he can be found in front of the fast travel map on the table, under a light. Like all of the soldiers, he's fought in the arena and seems content to keep doing it. He's always talking about killing the zombies, learning weapons and keeping combat skills sharp.


Major Dixon is a middle aged man with short brown hair and a clean shaven face. Like the other soldiers in the arena, he wears the standard B.I.D.F. uniform consisting of black body armour, combat boots, a green camo top, and green camo trousers. In the Definitive Edition, his uniform is now camo yellow.


  • He is the only soldier in the arena lobby to not have his first name revealed, only his last name.
  • It is unknown if he survived the bombs the military dropped on the island, because of the bunker he was in.
  • It is presumed only lieutenants, colonels, and above in the ADF know about the nukes on the island, as Dixon is not aware of them, yet Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Hardy is.