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Divine Light is an easy difficulty continuous quest given to the Hero by Rian in Dead Island.


Rian asks the Hero to bring him five batteries to power the flashlights of the people seeking shelter in the Church.


  • Talk to Rian to start the quest.
  • He wants you to bring him batteries to power their torches at night, so they don't attract zombies by having the main lights on.
  • As you play through the game, loot everything as you'd normally do.
  • When you have a surplus of batteries that you know you'll never use, simply head to Rian and keep trading to him for a small amount of XP and cash.


  • The Light is Life continuous quest gives 500 XP and Small Pistol Ammunition for the same 5 batteries making it a better deal in most circumstances.
  • You can buy batteries from merchants and complete this quest multiple times that way, but it might not be worth it as the amount of money spent compared to what you receive in XP and cash in return is not enough, especially at high levels.