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DI2 Disaster crate

Disaster Relief Crates are a special type of container featured in Dead Island 2. They contain a random weapon which will drop after being opened. They are the replacement for the Metal chest from the previous titles. Unlike the metal chests of the previous games Disaster Relief Crates do not require any level of lockpick to open and so can be opened at any level. Weapon rarity also scales with player level, with chests commonly giving out purple 'very rare' rarity weapons at ~player level 20 and above, rarely replacing it with blue 'rare' rarity instead. At lower levels between player level 1~10, they will only drop green 'uncommon' rarity weapons, being replaced with blue 'rare' rarity weapons at intermediate levels.

Once opened, the chest will remain open until a certain amount of time has progressed, at which point they will reset. This is the same mechanic as is present in Dead Island: Riptide and the Dead Island Definitive Collection, where after being looted the chests "recharge" before they can be looted again.


An incomplete list of locations can be found below:


  • Inside the gym at the GOAT Pen.
  • Behind a police car out the front of the GOAT Pen.

Halperin Hotel[]

  • Behind the collapsed Halperin Hotel sign at the front of the Hotel.
  • Behind the elevator in the elevator shaft to the right of the Foyer.
  • Inside of Room 201, requiring the electricity to be turned off.
  • Inside of Room 302.
  • Behind the long building at the Halperin Hotel Pool.

Venice Beach[]


  • Due to all named Legendary Weapons in the game being obtained from quests, and "common" (i.e. unnamed) legendary weapons not being present in the game, it is impossible to get a weapon rarity higher than purple from Disaster Relief Crates.