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Dillon is a named Inferno Crusher featured in Dead Island 2, and the first Inferno Crusher to be encountered in the game.


Dillon was one of Alex Nguyen's friends and gym buddies. He, together with Alex and Moose, would often visit Venice Beach to hang out and work out together, frequenting both the local gym and the lot behind Lenny's.

When the zombie outbreak occurred in Los Angeles, Alex, Dillon and Moose were at the gym when zombies attacked and overran it. Alex was able to escape, but Dillon and Moose were unable to run away from the zombies quickly enough and were both infected. Moose turned into a standard Crusher while Dillon would end up becoming an Inferno Crusher.

After the two became zombies, they attacked Alex, leaving him deeply traumatized. Even after Alex reached the safety of the Blue Crab Grill, he still had lasting paranoia that they would come back for him. To put his mind at ease, the Slayer offers to take care of them, which Alex accepts.

The Slayer finds Dillon milling around in the lot behind Lenny's. However, just as they are preparing to confront Dillon, a minor earthquake strikes, causing a portion of the elevated roadway to the right of the lot to collapse and a fuel tanker truck on the roadway to spill fuel onto the lot and Dillon in the process. The fuel on Dillon then ignites from explosions triggered during the earthquake, setting Dillon on fire. Despite this, the Slayer is eventually able to put Dillon down.


Dillon is a large, imposing heavily-built zombie who sports a black mohawk and wears a yellow tank top, grey shorts, white sneakers and a pair of sunglasses. His clothing is charred as a result of being on fire. Once ignited, his arms are also constantly on fire.


  • There are two yellow fire hydrants at the end of the lot from which Dillon starts approaching which can be broken in order to spray water and temporarily extinguish and momentarily stun Dillon, providing an opportunity to land melee damage on him
    • The Chem Bomb can also be used to achieve this purpose.
  • Burning Walkers, Burning Runners, and regular Walkers will periodically enter the lot to hinder attempts to fight Dillon. These zombies should be only focused on when Dillon is a reasonable distance away.
    • The burning zombies can also be temporarily extinguished and stunned by the fire hydrants.
  • The water puddles created by breaking the fire hydrants can be electrified by electric weapons and used to deal electric damage to Dillon and other zombies if they are lured into them.
  • There are numerous red barrels and yellow gas cylinders lying around the lot which can be detonated and used to kill the lesser zombies and deal some damage to Dillon.
  • There are fuel puddles around the lot as well that can be ignited to deal with normal zombies but are useless against Dillon and the other burning zombies due to their immunity to fire.
  • Dillon is slow and thus vulnerable to ranged attacks from guns, curveballs and thrown weapons, but the confined nature of the lot requires constant movement since Dillon can easily close the gap and come into melee range.


  • Dillon will drop Lenny's Parking Lot Key upon being killed.
  • During the fight, the song Drive North by SWRMS will play.