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Devil's Labyrinth is a very hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Titus Kabui in Dead Island.


Titus tasks the Hero with finding weapons in Cell Block B for the inmates.


  • Talk to Titus to start the quest.
  • Despite promising to let you through to cell block C after clearing the kitchen in the previous quest, Titus still wants those weapons. If you get the weapons from the guard armory in cell block B and bring them to him, he'll for sure let you through to block C.
  • You'll need to go through the basement to reach block B, so follow the minimap waypoints as normal until you reach the same stairs you used to get to the second floor of block A. The prisoner next to them will now let you into the basement.
  • Head through the door and down the stairs. Go through the double doors at the bottom and enter the basement level of the prison.
  • The first few corridors are narrow and have large steam pipes lining their walls, however there are no enemies yet. You'll come to a room with a workbench and next to it is a Suicider. Take it out before using the workbench.
  • You'll come across a room full of Walkers, but luckily there's a propane tank you can use to explode some of them.
  • Kill all the Walkers and a few Infected that are attracted by the noise.
  • Continue to follow the waypoints until you reach a set of stairs. Head up them and be ready to come across some prison guards very soon.
  • You'll be on top of a catwalk with a door in front of you with a set of stairs heading down. A couple of Infected will notice you and come up the stairs to attack you. Kill them but stay on the catwalk.
  • Head through the door in front of you, the one facing the catwalk. You'll then be level with some guards who are holding out against some Walkers on a level below them. You'll be on the same catwalk as them, so take out a firearm and take cover.
  • If you don't have one for whatever reason, charge a nearby guard, kill him and take his pistol. Kill the guards first then deal with the zombies below.
  • Stay on the catwalk and go through the single door on the same level. You might find an Infected here, but it depends. Head down the small corridor and go through the door at the end. You'll now be overlooking the laundry room.
  • There's a lot of zombies below you, including Walkers, a few Suiciders and a Thug. There's propane tanks on the catwalk that you can throw down to help clear out some of them quickly. If you can, stay on this catwalk, as it's elevated, and kill them all from a distance.
  • Once they're all dead, jump down and go through the double doors at the end of the laundry room. Once through them, you'll enter a small room with some metal stairs leading up to a door. There's some Infected and a Thug there, so kill them as you would normally before going through the door.
  • You'll now find yourself in the small corridor next to the cell block control room, the same type as the one you used in the main quest The Green Mile.
  • Unfortunately, when you try it you find it's blocked by an overturned vending machine and won't budge. You'll have to travel through the cell block to get in from the other side.
  • There's a load of enemies in this cell block, including yet more Walkers, Infected, Thugs and even a couple of Rams. Be careful when traversing this cell block.
  • Many of the isles, catwalks and stairs are blocked by debris and barricades, so you'll have to follow the minimap and your own instinct to reach the other side. It's very cramped as before, so be very careful when fighting the dangerous zombies like the Thugs and Rams.
  • When you finally reach the control room, head to the console and use the button.
  • Ryder White will then contact you via radio and warn you not to arm the prisoners. They're dangerous and can't be trusted. He tells you that you can reach cell block C through the sewers and that he can guide you there.
  • Head to the back of the control room and go through the other door, the one that isn't blocked. You'll see a workbench for you to use if needed, as well as ammo and health items. Use them to stock up and get back your health before heading into the sewers.
  • Continue through the room and down the stairs to reach the door to the prison sewers. Don't worry, you won't be down there long!
  • You'll be greeted by a whole mob of Walkers when you enter the sewers, so have a good weapon ready. A throwable like a molotov is also very useful here.
  • Continue down the sewer system, killing all the zombies you see. You'll come across a Floater down here, but there's a propane tank nearby that can make short work of it.
  • Follow the sewers along, killing another Floater on the way, before you reach a large grate, blocking off further access to the prison. There's a ladder, however, leading upwards. Climb it to get out of the sewers.
  • You'll arrive in the shower room where a massacre has taken place. There's mangles and mutilated bodies covering the floor which is coated in a fresh paint of blood. A few of the bodies will come alive as Walkers when you get near them, but they're easily dealt with.
  • Travel to the doors of the shower room and use the stairs to get up. Follow the waypoints on your minimap to reach Jin and Yerema. Talk to Yerema.
  • Yerema will tell you that some of the prisoners started a riot against Titus. However, this allowed the zombies to get into the canteen, killing most of the prisoners there. Mowen saved the ladies but gave his life in the process, after trading his boat to Alvaro so he could get the location of the ladies in the first place.
  • Follow the ladies to an elevator just down the corridor and enter it. After the doors close, you'll find that the elevator fills with gas and you're knocked unconscious. A cutscene will then play.
  • The cutscene shows the heroes waking up as Kevin shakes them awake, Jin and Yerema standing behind him outside of the elevator. The heroes are very annoyed at being gassed and Kevin tells them that it was Ryder White who did it. He gassed them before coming into the elevator and taking something. Logan worriedly pats down his person to find that the cure is gone. The heroes are now, understandably, even more angry! Kevin tells them that White is traveling to the prison hospital to get his wife before going to the roof with the cure and flying off, calling down a nuke on the island. To reach him quickly and stop him, the heroes should go through the hospital while Kevin and the women take the longer but safe route. This will finish this quest and start the next one, with you deposited in the prison control room.


  • There's a lot of pistol ammo next to the locked door of the control room.
  • When you exit the control room to reach the sewers, you go through the armory Titus sent you to find. There's not a lot here but there is some molotov cocktails for you to take.
  • When you reach the Control Room and take the elevator you will be no longer able to go back to any previous areas. In addition to this, if you die after you have reached the Control Room, the door you entered from will be locked and you will only be able to proceed through the elevator. If you are trying to obtain all the collectables, make sure you get all the ones in the previous prison areas before starting this quest and make sure you don't skip any before reaching the control room.
  • Once this quest is active you'll start getting comments from some of the prisoners about Titus keeping all the food to himself and that he won't be in charge much longer, hinting to the near downfall of the canteen.
  • At the end of this quest, if the player makes haste and enters the elevator first, they can be instantly killed when Jin and Yerema get inside, as their hitboxes might leave no room for the player to stand and end up squishing them against the elevator's walls.