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Dev Craft Nr $

Attack animation with Developer's No. 4 Craft

The Developer's No. 4 Craft is a developer weapon blueprint featured in Dead Island. It is required to create the Mindblowing Military Knife. The blueprint is acquired by placing the Purple Skull in its altar, which is located in Alicia Jacobs' house in Moresby.


Like other other dev mods, the No. 4 craft is more of a joke weapon mod than anything really serious. The mod is extortionate to craft, requiring $10,000 Cash, a Battery and 5 Diamonds, the rarest of all the mod items, as well as being exceedingly high to repair at a workbench. It's also one of the harder dev craft blueprints to acquire, since in the original game, it was impossible to access Alicia's house after completing her side Quest Uninvited Guests prior to Patch 1.3, though this was later changed. The skull itself can be found in the Sewers, which themselves can be somewhat of a maze to traverse in order to try and find the skull. However, once all this is done, the weapon created is one of the more useful of the dev mods. When used on a basic Zombie such as a Walker or Infected, it will always crit and cause their heads to explode, and also is useful against tougher enemies such as Thugs who take a few hits to be criticalled but will always be electrocuted to death when it happens. That's not to say the weapon is without flaws, as it has an exceedingly high repair cost, very low durability and a poor range, meaning you have to be practically face-to-face with the zombie in order to hit them, which of course is very dangerous.


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The Purple Skull unlocks the Developer's No. 4 Craft.
Blueprint Base Item Needed Required Material Cost Stats

Developer's No. 4 Craft




  • This weapon is dangerous when Logan uses it with the Economical Throw Skill which will do damage to nearby enemies
  • This weapon does not vanish when thrown like the Sticky Bomb, it provides instant kills regardless of method of attack (swing or throw) and can be repaired relatively cheaply if you repair it regularly. Due to the 100% critical hit chance, high damage on this weapon may also take a large chunk of health away from those zombies it does not insta-kill, like the Thug or the Floater.