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The Developer's 666 Craft is a developer weapon blueprint featured in Dead Island. It is required to create the Left Hand of Glova. The blueprint is acquired by placing the Brown Skull in its altar, which is located on a mountain in the Resort area.


Like other other dev mods, the 666 craft is more of a joke weapon mod than anything really serious. The mod is extortionate to craft, requiring $10,000 Cash and 5 Diamonds, the rarest of all the mod items, as well as being exceedingly high to repair at a workbench. The blueprint is relatively easy to collect, with the Brown Skull being found in Bunker 04, accessible from the portal in the back room of Bunker 02, and the altar on a mountain along the beach, not far from the Lifeguard Tower. Both these are found in the Resort. The weapon it creates is powerful against solitary, single enemies like Walkers though a liability against Infected and large groups as well as being wholly useless against special infected like Thugs who have no effect from the weapon. As such, the mod is more for fun and messing around when you have a lot of cash spare, as its high crafting and maintenance cost will quickly drain your coffers dry and the weapon does little damage against the Zombies it hits, though by knocking them down it allows you to stomp on them to kill them.


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"beware the power of glova"
The Brown Skull unlocks the Developer's Craft Mod #666.
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Developer's 666 Craft