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Devan is the eighth mission of Escape Dead Island after the previous mission Beauty and the Beast and before the next mission Father's Day.


After exploring the labs, recovering data on a cure and finding out what happened to Linda, Cliff Calo goes off to find out what happened to Devan.


  • After escaping the mutated Aaron Welles, Cliff wakes up from a sudden fall from miles up in the air back in the building on the Mountaintop. He angrily asks who's doing this to him, referring to his insanity, but Linda talks to him but not via radio anymore. Cliff says that Linda's dead, but she replies with "that's still no reason not to talk to me."
  • The exit from the building is different now, though. There's a nice wall and doorway out instead of the big steel door, but when Cliff uses the handle it swings apart like normal. Oh well, back to it! Time to head down the mountain again! Follow the familiar trail to the cave system to get down. Linda advises that Devan is probably at the marina, which Cliff already knows since this Linda is not real (and Devan told him that), but Linda assures him that she's not going anywhere, much to Cliff's 'delight'.
  • At the bottom of the cave system, before the pile of bodies, Faith Kimball contacts Cliff on the radio saying that she hopes he's ok, but before she can tell him some things he apparently should know, she has to cut off the radio contact. Linda comes back and tells Cliff to focus on getting out.
  • The fastest way to the marina is to go via the labs way, so that means going through the broken fence and cave system. However, there's a Butcher and Siren here, as well as a couple of Infected playing dead on the ground. It's possible to not alert them by stealth killing the two zombies moving around, then go through the cave. This Linda is far more talkative than the one on the radio, as she mentions something about being hungry and wonders what happened to Faith, or as she puts it, "the one who killed me", all before you reach the other side of the cave system.
  • Exiting from the cave you've got the usual gauntlet of enemies down the trail to the lab and this time it's a Siren on the hill and a Spitter eating a body. Sneak up the hill and stealth kill the Siren, then go down and do the same to the Spitter. If you mess it up there's a few bodies here that will turn into Infected.
  • Continue down towards the lab. Linda pipes up again and tells you to take the right fork. The problem with this is the Spitter and Siren blocking the way, and both of them are looking this way, meaning you can't stealth kill them. This is a good place to employ both your pistol and shotgun. If you picked up the silenced pistol in the lab, now is another time where it comes in useful.
  • Kill the Spitter with your pistol (if silenced, this will not alert the Siren). You can then start blazing away at the Siren. It will likely get off a scream, which will alert and Infected to come run at you, but you can hopefully kill them both with either your shotgun or in melee. You can now go right, down the fork.
  • While heading to the tunnel, Linda comes back, trying to get Cliff to talk to her, but she only succeeds in getting him to angrily tell her to shut up. Head into the tunnel. This one is the one full of gas, but now you have the gas mask, so you can go through it.
  • A short way in some plants block your way, but a few hits from the axe gets rid of them and you can continue going. Another trend with this Linda over the radio one (other than being far more chatty) is that she's far harsher on Cliff, as she says that this 'stunt' he pulled, coming all the way to Narapela would never have got the respect from his dad. He can't save it, then she says he couldn't even save her.
  • You finally get to the other side of the tunnel without incident, but Linda comes up again saying that she can be helpful. There's a Shambler up ahead but Cliff has a minor mental breakdown and the cliff walls come in briefly, but he recovers. The Shambler is alone, so stealth kill it and be on your way. There's another few dotted further along, but they're easy meat.
  • Upon sighting the marina, Cliff is excited that Devan found a boat for them. However, on top of the building is a Spitter, and that Shambler you skirted around all the way back in Mission 3 - Echoes is still standing there! Pistol down the Spitter then finally put the Shambler out of its misery!
  • Something odd has happened here, though, as the bridge is now repaired so you can go across it normally. There's three Shamblers on the other side, so kill them and go down the slope.
  • There's a Spitter on the opposite building and a Shambler will come from a bush next to you, but the rock will hide you from it. If it wanders over to you, silent kill it, then kill the Spitter with your pistol.
  • A Butcher is eating a body in front of the large door in front go you, but if you go forwards, a Shambler comes out of the bush on your right, so hide behind the rock as the Shambler comes out, then silent kill it. You can now proceed over to the Butcher and stealth kill it. However, a Shambler crawls out from under the van in front of you, so kill it quickly.
  • You need to keep going, through, and there's a Spitter on the roof of the building further along, so pistol it down again and also kill the one on the roof of the docks cover. Proceed towards the building the Spitter was just one.
  • The door bursts open to reveal a Shambler. Kill it and quickly run back up the hill. Trust me, you'll want to do it!
  • Around the corner comes a Butcher after you kill the Shambler, hence why you needed to run away! There's also a Shambler that comes around the opposite corner, but after forgetting about the noise you made, they split up. Deal with the Shambler first before thinking about the Butcher, but if you can get the Butcher first then go for it. Stealth killing is the best idea for these. Once they're dead, you can loot the area, kill the remaining zombies and then go into the building that's now open.
  • Inside here is a brand new item! The grappling hook, which you can attach to your rope! Go back out the building and look up at the side of the warehouse. There's an attachment point here which will allow you to get into the warehouse again.
  • Once on the roof, there's an open air duct and Linda says that now you're here you'll probably want to find a boat, but maybe it's best if you don't. We don't care about that, though, we just want to get off the island, so go into the air duct.
  • There's ominous blood stains all the way down it and we come out at the walkway to the staff office at the top of the warehouse. Once out, Devan contacts Cliff on the radio saying that he found a boat that's fully gassed up with a GPS and ready to go. Cliff agrees that they should get out of here and the imaginary Linda is upset that Cliff didn't tell Devan she said hi.
  • Go up the stairs to the offices. Our new objective is to find Devan, but first we need to get through the offices. The mysterious ringing telephones all the way back from when you were first here are now gone, so no chance of the zombies hearing them ring!
  • There's only one Spitter here and while you could kill it with your pistol, it's on the same level as you and there's lots of cover around, so you can easily stealth kill it to save on ammo.
  • The real problem is the Butcher towards the end of the staff office. There's not as much cover to ambush it for a stealth kill, but it can be done. The keycard door you went through last time is locked, despite being green and Linda turns up again telling you to hurry and that Devan could've been gone by now if not for you. We're not letting him go without us, though, so head the other way to a lift which will take you towards the floor of the warehouse.
  • You end up on a walkway above the floor and while you could take the other elevator to the floor, I suggest going along the walkway to a rope attachment point and getting down that way.
  • After going down the rope, kill the Shambler that's standing out in the middle of no-where. He's very annoying and can easily spot you, so take him out to save yourself some hassle. There's usually a Shambler eating a body right in front of this one, so chain them together to kill the other Shambler. To top it off, there's a Bouncer in front of that body who is also eating, so you can kill it too!
  • Now you need to collect the lever axe from the workbench to continue. The doorway you need to go through is to the right of the warehouse and you need the lever axe to get through it.
  • The problem with this is that the container in front of you bursts open to reveal a Bouncer and two Shamblers. Luckily a couple of heavy and light attacks can deal with them! Hide inside the container and wait for the other zombies to come to you, as a Spitter and two Shamblers make their way over to the workbench you were just at.
  • Now is a good time to use the shotgun again, as you can blast them away while they're clumped together there! Two more Shamblers are nearby, so kill them with it too! Now go over to the door and open it with your new axe.
  • Once open, move down towards the other door and it opens by itself, and Devan asks you on the radio where you are, as he doesn't see you. Cliff says he's close, so go through the door and it closes behind you. As Cliff takes off his gas mask, the other door opens and you're back outside at the marina pier. The boat is right in front of you! Great! You get to leave the island!
  • Upon nearing the boat, though, the screen goes white and Cliff holds his head in pain. I knew this was too easy. The screen comes back to a sea that is quite literally red, a small part of the pier and the boat a little way away in the water. Moving towards the boat causes Cliff to ask what happened to it, only for Linda to reply that nothing's wrong with it.
  • Pieces of pier and more small islands appear, allowing you to get closer to the boat. At the end of it, though, more things pop out of the sea and Devan radios telling you he can't wait any longer. Linda then says that she doesn't think Cliff WANTS to reach Devan, in an evil, sinister and very un-Linda voice. Still, you can use the new debris to get closer still.
  • Then, the boat disappears with a splash and more debris is in its place. Linda comes back in her new echoey voice saying that he's better off without Cliff. She should know, but Cliff angrily tells her to shut up. Proceed down the new debris path to continue to see what insanity Cliff's insane mind conjures up next.
  • The boat is sinking in the distance but you can't do anything other than follow the path. At the end of it, you hear Linda say, "here Devan! Cliff's coming to kill you!" A strange, 'Shadow Siren' and two 'shadow Shamlers' appear out of the sea and you need to kill them. Is the Siren Devan? Who knows? Did Cliff just kill his best friend? Let's find out. A new path appears to the boat, so let's go down it.
  • Good news! That Siren wasn't Devan, as he's right here at the end of the path! Bad news! Devan is lying on the floor possibly dead and Cliff is holding his head in pain, screaming for it to stop. It fades to white as a flashback happens. Cliff is talking to Devan about how bummed he is that his dad gave the company position to his sister, so he's packing up. He and Devan are going to start their own company, but Cliff is suspicious about it. This ends the mission.