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Deus ex Machina is a medium difficulty side-quest given to the Hero by Connor in Dead Island.


The Hero must deliver Connor's research to Monroe.


  • Talk to Connor to start the quest. He's in one of the scientist bungalows just up the hill from the Laboratory.
  • He'll tell you that he is dying but that you need to get important research to Monroe in the Lab, as it could help find out more about the infection, possibly a cure.
  • Head out the bungalow and travel back to the Lab. If you have a Jeep with you, then get in and drive back. If not, walk back down the hill. Be careful, as there's normally a Butcher near the bungalows, as well as several Infected.
  • Once you're in the Lab, head to the back, through the disinfectant corridor and find Monroe.
  • Talk to him to hand over the research and finish the quest.



  • The title of this quest is Latin, roughly translated as "god from the machine", it's commonly used to refer to a situation where something completely new is suddenly and unexpectedly introduced to a story to solve a seemingly unsolvable problem. This is possibly a tongue in cheek reference to the probable outcome of Connor's research. It is also a reference to the fact that the research just suddenly "comes out of nowhere" when the Hero finds Connor.