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Desperately Seeking Emma is a the second main quest featured in Dead Island 2.


The Slayer needs to fight through Bel-Air and reach 66 Alpine Drive, Emma Jaunt's mansion, before they pass out from their zombie bite.


  • Help the injured couple
    • Head back to Joshua and a cutscene plays, showing the slayer checking on him and giving him some water, before they check on his wife. As they give her water, she turns and bites them, now a zombie. After throwing her off, the slayers are in shock and she bites and kills Joshua, before the slayer kill her with a discarded high heel shoe. Joshua, now undead, rips himself in half to escape the wreckage and come for the slayer, though they quickly stomp on his head to kill him.
    • After the slayer looks at their arm to find out where Emma is found, 66 Alpine Drive, the slayer then begins to feel the effect of their infection, entering a Fury like state as they escape the wreckage and run off towards Los Angeles from the Hollywood Sign as the title screen plays.
  • Where in Bel-Air are you?
    • After their fury like state, the Slayer somehow made it to Bel-Air. The first objective is to find out where the player is exactly in Bel-Air.
    • Head forwards, towards the large gate in front of you, and collect the dropped package on the ground. This gives you a map, and functions as the tutorial for map navigation.
    • The Slayer determines that they're at 70 Alpine Drive, and that Emma's Mansion is just the other side.
  • Open the mansion gate
    • To the left of the gate is a Circuit Breaker box, but no circuit breaker. To find the breaker, head further left of the gate towards the underground garage.
  • Find a circuit breaker
    • A switch on the wall next to the garage door allows the door to be opened.
  • Search the garage/Repower the mansion gate
    • Head inside and grab the Circuit Breaker in the back of the garage and place it in the breaker box next to the front gate. The gate will open and the Slayer receives their first skill: Block or Dodge, depending on the Slayer.
  • Try the front door/Check the other doors
    • Some Shamblers and Walkers will occupy the space in front of the house. Kill them and then head inside the right side of the mansion, through the broken window, to find the keycard for the front door as it is locked up tight.
  • Find a way through the mansion
    • Follow the blood trail to a locked panic room. The door is locked by a magnetic mechanism, preventing access.
    • To gain access, destroy the electrical cabinet on the left of the door to break the magnetic lock. This door functions as the tutorial for magnetically locked doors.
  • Explore the panic room/Kill the celebrity zombie/Grab the mansion keycard
    • Inside you will find the home owner, Colt Swanson, who has turned into a Walker. Defeat him and pick up the keycard.
  • Enter the mansion keycard
    • Head back outside. A Runner and 2 Walkers will have broken out of the top garage door.
    • Kill the new additions and then use your newly acquired keycard to open the front door by using the keycard lock next to the main door.
  • Find a way through the mansion
    • To continue, you need to make it through the house and to the rear of the property. There are various ways of achieving this, and there are multiple rear exits. Various zombies will be encountered along the way, though there are also weapons such as Pool Cues to make fighting them easier.
    • After leaving the house, it's best to secure the rear pool area before continuing. Kill the zombies here and then go up to the back gate and attempt to open it. It turns out that the gate requires a code.
  • Find the back gate code
    • Head inside through the door closest to the rear gate, go through the room and make your way to the kitchen.
    • The Back Gate Code will be located in the closet next to the fridge. Grab the code and head back to the back gate. Open the gate and continue.
  • Find safety at Emma Jaunt's
    • After descending the stairs, you will immediately face the gates to Emma's Mansion. Use the intercom so that Michael Anders can open the gate for you.
  • Get inside before you collapse!
    • Head inside the Mansion. A cutscene will now play where Michael, Emma and Andrea discuss your fate after they discover that you have been bit. Andrea is demanding that you leave the house immediately, whilst Emma insists that you can stay. However, this changes after the Slayer reveals their bite. Michael is holding a pistol and Andrea demands that he shoots the Slayer, who falls down, about to pass out. Michael is panicking, stating that he's going to be sick, and as the Slayer blacks out, the last thing they hear is a gunshot. This marks the end of the quest.


  • A common rarity Officer's Sword can be found behind a glass case in the display room to the left of the main door. The room secured with an Alarm Box, breaking the glass will trigger an alarm, summoning zombies to the area. Destroying the alarm box beforehand will prevent this from happening.
  • The circuit breaker will respawn in the garage if abandoned for an extended period of time.
  • This portion of the storyline introduces the following:
    • the district of Bel-Air.
    • the map of the district and the city.
    • one named zombie, Colt Swanson.
    • various types of locked doors, including doors requiring circuit breakers, keycard locks, magnetic locks, and combination locks.
    • alarm boxes.
    • electricity and its related hazards.
    • journals providing useful information to progress the story.
    • investigations where useful clues must be found.
    • one character, Andrea Salazar.