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The Deo-Bomb is a projectile weapon featured in Dead Island. It is made with the use of the corresponding weapon modification blueprint. Useful for taking out groups of zombies clustered together or the more dangerous special zombies such as Thugs and Suiciders.


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"Combine together a couple of deodorants in the way I described and you will have in your hands a homemade bomb. Just make sure man that the deodorant bottles are not empty!" The Deo-Bomb is a grenade made from deodorant. It has a high damage output, and sets enemies on fire
The mod is given by Mick Fler in the Lighthouse after finishing the side quest "Tell Me Where It Hurts".
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  • Like all explosive projectile weapons, it is best to throw at a distance from the player's location, getting too near to the blast radius can cause severe injuries and in some cases, instant death.
  • Like the Grenade, the Deo-Bomb explodes after a few seconds when thrown, it causes severe physical or normal damage to the host, while lighting up the surrounding with fire just like the Grenade, causing fire damage to the affected target.
  • The Deo-Bomb does the same amount of physical damage as the Grenade, while also delays a similar amount of time before explosion like the Grenade. However, it is not known if the amount of fire damage done by the Deo-Bomb is the same as the Grenade, or higher than that of the Grenade.
  • Rodrigue, the vendor in Saint Christopher's Church often sells both Deodorant ($150) and Duct Tape ($100), making the total crafting cost ($450) equal to Molotov Cocktails from Florencio Morales in the Warehouse