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The Deo-Bomb is a projectile weapon featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide.


The deo-bomb can be seen as the cheaper, more common version of the Grenade. When thrown, it will bounce on the ground and explode after a few seconds, dealing a lot of blast damage to any enemies nearby. Any Walker on top of the deo-bomb will often be killed outright, with heavy damage being dealt to those enemies within the blast radius. It will also cause residual burn damage for several seconds after the explosion, exactly the same as the grenade which will likely finish off any enemy that was left badly damaged but not killed by the initial explosion. However, unlike the grenade, it's considerably easier to get a hold of deo-bombs due to the fact that they are craftable. After acquiring their blueprint, they can be crafted with quite common mod items at a workbench, while grenades have to found in certain places in the game world. As such, a good supply of them can be build up relatively easily after scavenging around for a bit. Despite this, it's still advised to only use deo-bombs on large groups of Walkers or on slower moving enemies such as Thugs or Wrestlers where they can be easily lined up to take the full force of the blast. Fast moving enemies such as Infected are usually too fast to catch unless kept in place by being on a roof while it's a waste to use these on Butchers as they have too much health to be killed outright and will usually regenerate the health back before being able to be hit again.


Like all throwables, it can't have any mods attached to it but it is craftable at a workbench using the following blueprint:

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"Combine together a couple of deodorants in the way I described and you will have in your hands a homemade bomb. Just make sure man that the deodorant bottles are not empty!"
In Dead Island, the mod is given by Mick Fler in the Lighthouse after finishing the side quest Tell Me Where It Hurts.
In Dead Island: Riptide, the mod is located in Stan's House in Henderson.
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  • Like all explosive projectile weapons, it is best to throw at a distance from the player's location, getting too near to the blast radius can cause severe injuries and in some cases, instant death.
  • Like the Grenade, the deo-bomb will instantly kill a human enemy with its blast alone.
  • The Deo-Bomb does the same amount of physical damage as the Grenade, while also delays a similar amount of time before exploding. However, it is not known if the amount of fire damage done by the Deo-Bomb is the same as the Grenade, or higher than it.
  • Rodrigue, the Merchant in Saint Christopher's Church, often sells both Deodorant ($150) and Duct Tape ($100), making the total crafting cost ($450) equal to Molotov Cocktails from Florencio Morales in the Warehouse.
  • Deo-bombs can rarely be found in Metal chests in Dead Island: Riptide but collecting it will only give a single deo-bomb.
  • In Dead Island: Riptide, Sam B will give out deo-bombs as a part of the reward for completing each level of his Team Quest Upping the Odds for Sam B.