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Deliverance is the eleventh and final mission of Escape Dead Island after Faith and completing this allows you to go to New Game +.


After being bitten by Devan and handed the cure by Faith Kimball, Cliff Calo must finally fight through his insanity to end it once and for all.


  • After getting the cure from Faith Kimball, Cliff has two option, either save Devan or save himself.
  • You are now back in Cliff's mind, as it shows the control panel from Emory Crown's Office but deep in the jungle somewhere, with rocks around it. This was not like this before. Head down the pathway and the location is listed as the Jungle? Devan and Linda are up ahead so it must be ok.
  • Devan shouts to you so head going over to the pair of them. When you do, some Shadow Shamblers appear around Linda and Devan, but you can take them on. Kill the things to get a cutscene.
  • Cliff finds this familiar as the Devan and Linda there have exactly the same reaction as they did when you first fought a zombie at that pile of bodies all that time ago. Then, Linda is attacked again, but this time it isn't a Bouncer that bites her. This is you... but, not you? It's Cliff, new and undead! You need to kill... yourself?
  • You are a tricky customer to fight! You have a ranged attack like a Spitter, throwing toxic bile at... yourself. You're also fast and do a heck of a lot of damage. Here's some tips to defeat him:
    • Cliff always attacks, there's no cover and no way to break sight contact with him.
    • The shotgun or hellfire shotgun works well to get some good damage on him.
    • If entering melee, use the lever axe over the katana, as it deals more damage per hit, especially with a heavy attack.
    • Dodging is key. Zombie Cliff does a lot of damage and attacks rapidly. Dodging out of the way is the best thing to not get him.
    • When shot with the shotgun, he staggers backways, giving you a few seconds grace. Use this to run away to recover health. When far enough away, zombie Cliff will spit at you instead. Dodge them to use the time to heal.
    • Don't bother using the pistol or silenced pistol on him, as it does very little damage and will just waste time.
  • After finally killing... yourself, real Cliff is far too excited about it. Head down the path to your left, which is now open. There's a shadow Shambler, but blow it away with the shotgun! This is the final mission so why not break out the big guns?
  • Cliff has finally lost it now. Further down there's a couple of shadow Infected that turn up. After killing them, Cliff is on a rampage! Even Linda tells him to tone it down! To top it off, it's started to rain.
  • Continuing on, you see Linda who runs off when you get near. Cliff screams out that he's like someone on an alien planet making first contact. Venus X or something. A different Linda is telling him to wake up, but Cliff isn't listening. Continue the way you were going.
  • You come across more shadow zombies, a total of three Shamblers, an Infected and a Spitter. The evil Linda tells you to kill them all! She loves the way you kill! The other, normal Linda is not happy about this. Lightning sets fire to some grass which you can try to use to kill the zombies, but hacking them up or shooting them is still the best way!
  • Going along, Cliff asks the evil Linda if that's all she's got. She calls down lightning to create a path to the Linda you're following, but Cliff's not quite giving in yet. Head to Linda, who runs off yet again. Normal Linda tells you to fight it while evil Linda wants you to give in and go with her. Cliff says that this isn't him, enraging evil Linda more.
  • Head over the hill to fight more shadow zombies, a total now of two Infected, two Shamblers and a Spitter. Fight through them and continue on. Going through the gap in the cliff that evil Linda made, a subway train comes crashing overhead, with evil Linda cackling saying that Cliff asked for it (which he technically did). Cliff laughs it off, saying that this dream is really "going off the rails!" Normal Linda tells Cliff that he needs to use it, likely meaning the cure serum. But we can't, so use the subway carriage as a pathway to continue.
  • You arrive at a cave which has some vines blocking your way, but the axe can make short work of them. A little way into the cave, however, the ground falls away and you fall, landing on some sort of crystal thing floating in space. Evil Linda taunts you, but Cliff isn't giving up, since she said there was a way to escape. Faith tells you that you need to take the serum to survive.
  • There's a pathway in front of you. Go down it to proceed. Evil Linda taunts you again, but Cliff is determined to get out of here. There's some sort of orb thing that you can destroy. Do it with extreme prejudice! This makes a walkway over to another one.
  • Upon nearing this one, however, more shadow zombies appear, totalling a Siren, Spitter, Bouncer and two Shamblers. Deal with them as you please, then kill the orb.
  • Upon killing it, more shadow zombies turn up as a load of Shamblers and a Spitter on a floating platform you can't reach. Clear out the Shamblers near you, then pistol down the Spitter. You can now take on the remaining Shamblers before proceeding.
  • Two more Spitters appear, but you can pistol them down pretty easily. The hard part is up ahead. A shadow Butcher appears along with some Infected. The Butcher is a hard fight, as he's even tougher than normal. Clear out the Infected with him first, then kill the Butcher carefully.
    • An easy way to cheese out this fight is to use your shotgun at point blank range when the Butcher first arrives. When he lands, he has a very slow get up animation before he goes to normal. While in this getting up animation, he obviously can't block attacks like normal. The shotgun does massive damage at point blank range where all the pellets hit the target. You can easily get him down to a quarter health before he gets up fully, making the rest of the fight a breeze!
  • The way forwards is to the left, so head down it and continue down the pathway in front of you to find another orb. This one doesn't give out zombies, but going past it locks down the way you came.
  • Ahead the pathway splits up, but it doesn't really matter which way you go, they all end up at the same place. Various ammo is scattered on each path, so it's not a bad idea to go up and down a couple of times to collect it all. Along the way Xian Mei turns up, telling you that they won't let their secret leave the island and that Cliff's fate is sealed, but he can still help find a cure.
  • There's another orb ahead, and around you you can see things from your adventure. The airfield control tower, the boat you tried to leave with Devan in and even some BEEG sharks floating in the abyss! Devan pops up and tells you that they're hooked up to IV's and are being dissected like lab rats. You need to wake up and save them. Evil Linda tells you that's not true, but we know not to trust her!
  • Before you can reach it, Linda appears in front of you and the ground falls from beneath you. You're now underwater and the hangar from the airfield is under here. You can breathe, though, so that's a plus! Head towards the hangar and when the door opens, go into it. Everything is slow under the water.
  • The room goes dark and you hear Cliff's dad, Tom Calo, talking to Cliff. He's disappointed in Cliff, who failed his journalism course and does nothing but go out partying but still expects to inherit the conglomerate his father has created. Head towards the light as he talks, and when he's done, Cliff will sink down in pain.
  • You're now in what looks to be a part of the labs, so go out of the room, down the hallway and into the next room. Once in, it starts to shake and the lights flicker and it fades black. You're then faced with both doors.
  • Evil Linda tells you to pick the right door, but out of principle we're going to go left! It kicks us back, but go left again and we can go through it. It doesn't actually matter which way you choose, but to spite evil Linda we're going through the left one anyway!
  • A short way down the walk Aaron comes bursting through a building to your right. He warns you that he let Faith 'cure' him, and that's how he became like he is. He's telling you not to take the serum.
  • In front of you is what looks suspiciously like a fight arena, but don't try it. There's two shadow Butchers that appear here, a shadow Spitter and two shadow Bouncers. Instead, run for the orb, destroy it, then get into cover from the Butcher. Wait until it's not alerted to you, then crouch along the path that's opened up from the orb. This was not a fight you could win. Stick as far to the left of the path as you can, to try not to alert the zombies.
  • Once past it, you find Faith talking to someone at the control panel from Crown's office, but you can't reach her so keep going down the path. It's starting to collapse, so run along it to the end. Don't worry if the debris is coming for you, it doesn't have collision and can't hurt you.
  • At the end you find the zombie Linda again. Like the last fight with her, you don't need to kill the Shamblers she summons. Instead, focus on her and blast her several times with the shotgun. That'll do good damage. Once she's dead, the other zombies will automatically die and a cutscene will play. It shows Linda appearing in the background as a massive giant. Cliff tells her he's done with this. He just wants to get off this island with his friends. Linda tells him that he's always been self-absorbed, but Cliff promises to change that if she just lets him go.
  • There's now a bunch of shadow Shamblers here, and a Bouncer, so kill the Bouncer, then focus on the horde of Shamblers. After killing enough of them, a GIANT orb appears above you and comes down. Smash it to continue. A pathway around appears, as well as giant Faith Kimball. She tells Cliff he's infected and that he needs to take the serum.
  • A shadow Butcher now spawns in, as well as a load of Spitters on the new upper walkway. You need to attack the Butcher so he goes into his defensive pose for a couple of seconds. During this time you can kill a Spitter with your pistol. Keep doing this until you can focus solely on the Butcher. Alternatively, ignore them and just dodge their projectiles. The Butcher is the main thing to kill here, the rest is mopping up. Shamblers also appear, but they're easy compared to the Butcher.
    • There's actually a way to cheese this fight too! If you're near the edge, the Butcher has a chance to leap at you, miss and then fall off the edge! This saves you a very difficult fight! Then you can just kill some Shamblers.
  • Once enough have been killed again, the orb appears and you can hit it once again. Giant Aaron now shows up in the background, telling you that you're comatose, not going to wake up again after the blow to your head. Cliff says it's too late now, he's on his way home. More zombies appear, as Shamblers, Bouncers and another Butcher. However, you can cheese both the Bouncers and Butcher like last time, getting them to leap to their deaths off the edge! Now you just have to kill Shamblers. The problem is they respawn this time, the Butcher and Bouncers, so keep on your toes. Kill enough of them (or get enough Butchers and Bouncers to leap to their deaths) and the orb comes back. Hit it for a third time. Devan appears and asks what if it's all in your imagination?
  • A new foe appears, Aaron Welles but as a shadow zombie. Surprisingly, he's far easier than the Butchers you've been fighting before! About 2 full magazines will kill him from the shotgun. He's got a lot of Spitters and Shamblers helping him, but killing Aaron will also kill them, as Aaron is the main thing to defeat.
  • The orb returns and with each hit you've been breaking it open and now you can see the crate with the serum inside it. Hit the orb for a fourth time and final time. It finally smashes open and reveals the crate. The ground starts to break up and it all disappears, leaving Cliff standing in void with the open crate and Devan lying in front of it. Walk towards Devan and the crate. Cliff falls to his knees, saying he's sorry, apologising to Devan. He then grabs the vial, raises it high and brings it down, but the screen fades to black before we find out who he uses it on. Cliff then wakes up on the beach with just one objective. Get the story off the island.
  • The orange crate is in the sand near the sea. Walk over to it. It'll play a cutscene of Cliff grabbing the box and, as the Crown Residence explodes, Cliff raises the box up high. Walking over to the water, Cliff goes and sits at the water's edge as he narrates into a recorder, saying that by the time anyone hears this, he's be either dead, undead, insane or caught in an alternate dimension. However, he can confirm that the outbreak that happened on Banoi was caused by experiments performed by GeoPharm on Narapela. Placing everything into the box, he continues saying that it contains logs, research notes, pictures, all the proof anyone needs to know what humanity is about to face. Also contained is the serum, a chemical clue to something that might save humanity. The virus is real, and it's coming. With it all stowed away, Cliff pushes the box away and it drifts off towards the ocean. Then you hear Linda calling to you, asking if you're still with them. Hold on... that sounds familiar.
  • The mission is now completed. After the credits, 6 months later pops up and a familiar looking boat bumps into the box...