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This was supposed to be a safe harbor for bringing in supplies. But nothing’s coming in now. Or going out.
— Del, explaining Arena D.

Del Rawson is a survivor featured in Dead Island


He only appears in the Bloodbath Arena DLC. He's one of the twelve Banoi Island Defense Force soldiers in the Lobby and is stationed at Arena D. Like the other soldiers, he has fought in the arena and so warns the Heroes when they near Arena D. He gives them tips and some information on the arena if they were to enter. He's one of the more compassionate soldiers.


Del is a young to middle aged man with short black hair and slight stubble. Like the other soldiers in the arena, he wears the standard B.I.D.F. uniform consisting of black body armour, black combat boots, a green camo top and green camo trousers, as well as glasses. In the Definitive Edition, his uniform is now camo yellow.


  • Del mentions a 13th soldier named McLean, who was killed in Arena D.


You better stay away from the water. It can be treacherous. Our friend, McLean… well... maybe you’ll meet him out there.
— Del, talking about McLean.