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Defeat Dr. "Scar" JJ Evans is a dead zone exclusive side quest given to the Hero to kill the dead zone boss Dr. "Scar" JJ Evans in Dead Island: Riptide.


Kill Dr. "Scar" JJ Evans.


  • The quest is automatically given to you upon loading into the dead zone, Dr. JJ Evans' Clinic.
  • Upon loading in, you'll be in a long corridor with Walkers and an Infected down the far end. The Infected will probably spot you, so kill it first, then move down and kill the Walkers.
  • There's an open doorway to the right which has a small elbow corridor to another door. Head down to this door and open it.
  • Throw a throwable if you have one at the zombies that are clustered inside the laundromat, then close the door. Repeat this until they're thinned out.
  • If you don't have a throwable, lure them to the door in as small numbers as you can. Keep swinging your weapon from the doorway and close the door if you're getting overwhelmed. They can't open the door and you can use the time to heal, change weapon, etc.
  • Once the small zombies are dead, you can move onto the boss. Try and outrange him if you can and avoid melee combat if possible.
  • The quest will end when the boss is killed. Clear the rest of the area and loot the place before continuing on your way.


  • Because he's just a big Thug with a larger health pool, most of the regular Thug tactics will work on him. See the Thug's page for more info.
  • You can easily outrange him with a firearm because he's so slow. You can easily line up headshots until he dies. An upgraded, decent rarity sniper rifle can take him down in just a few shots.
  • Throwables like grenades are very useful at taking him down.
  • You can easily mine his path as he walks, so placing down mines and standing behind them is a good tactic, as he'll stumble towards you and set off the mines.
  • Fire works very well on him, capable on taking him out in a single hit if you get a good afterburn.
  • A flare gun can easily kill him in a few shots, as the fire afterburn will light him up like a torch.
  • Molotovs are also very useful for the same reason.
  • Try and avoid melee combat as the poison cloud that follows him will harm you if you stand in it.
  • Sonic Pulse Grenades are very useful for killing a majority of the Walkers in the room with Scar in it, allowing you to focus more on the boss rather than the horde of Walkers.