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Death by Customer Support is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectibles possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm.




OSK Customer Assistance
Hello, how can I help you today?
Hi, I'm a sound tech for SoLA - you sent us some of your new speakers
for the festival and we've tried to attach them to our DJ system.
Ever since we did that we've had a load of interference.
I'm sorry to hear that. Let me try to troubleshoot this issue for you.
Have you tried turning the PsyKeSonic Mood Speaker™ off and on
Yes. Yes, we have.
Have you been experiencing any headaches or nosebleeds while
working in proximity to the PsyKeSonic Mood Speaker™?
What? No.
Thank you for the information.
Please try altering the frequency matrix to 3.46 on all attached DJ