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The following page lists Dead Island Wiki's main policies and guidelines, which are meant to be followed with no exceptions. These rules also apply, where applicable, to the Dead Island Wiki Discord.


Dead Island Wiki does not condole vandalism, spam, or trolling in any way. Doing any of these will result in a three strike policy being implemented. The first strike is a one day block, followed by a week block and then a month block. Anyone caught doing it a fourth time is permanently blocked.


Profanity (swearing) that is obscene and inappropriate for a minor age-group is heavily discouraged, and is also blockable. If your user name contains profanity, you will be indefinitely blocked. This excludes anything that is found in the game (Ex. Quotes and Achievements), but has to be something that is considered an important or unique quote for that character.


No Sock Puppetry is allowed; at all. This includes creating a new account to evade blocks.

Fighting or Flame Waring

Harassing/attacking/flame warring with any user will lead to an admin stepping in and a block or a warning will be given.

Edit warring

No edit warring of any kind. If you have a problem with an edit or user, bring it up with either the user themselves or an admin. Don't edit war on an article as that will lead to the article getting locked and possible warnings being issued to the parties editing.

Be factual

Only include information from official sources which includes in-game content/observations, the Dead Island Twitter and Dead Island website. Do not make new information and present it as fact without a official information. If you do speculate for any reason, be sure to lead the sentence/paragraph with wording indicative of that.

In addition, do not create false information for pages such as background, trivia, notes or origins. Only include information that is present in-game, found in collectibles, lore, or given by official sources such as the website, twitter or books, etc. Non-factual information will be modified/deleted.


Image format

The preferred image format is .PNG, as it has no compression artifacts and supports transparency. Ideally, every image uploaded to the Dead Island Wiki should use the .PNG format.

If the PNG format is unavailable, be sure to upload the highest possible quality of the source image.

Any other format (.BMP, .TGA, .GIF) should be converted in .PNG before uploading by using paint or other image editing applications

Image/file name and description

When uploading a file, it is important to reinforce internal and external SEO (search engine optimization) for users by using proper filenames. As such, the image should be named appropriately and relate to the image's contents.

Images will be renamed, or even removed if the filename contains random numbers or letters such as "23423beabdoieuur43.PNG", default or ambiguous names such as "image-1.PNG" or "bomb.PNG", or completely unrelated names such as, "ditto, death.PNG."

Proper filenames should directly relate to the image's contents and purpose such as "DIR-makeshift-hospital-entrance.png." Note how the file name includes a prefix denoting the file's game for easy classification. Follow the prefix naming scheme below to help more easily identify the game the image pertains to:
DI - Dead Island
DIR - Dead Island: Riptide
DIDE - Dead Island Definitive Edition
DIRDE - Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition
EDI - Escape Dead Island
DIE - Dead Island: Epidemic
DI2 - Dead Island 2

Additionally, include an image description on the image's media page (File:filename) where possible to help SEO. If an image has been pulled from an external and was not uploaded to the wiki by the original author, please credit the source and include any appropriate licensing.

Graphic settings

Images should be taken with the highest graphic settings when possible. Avoid taking pictures with low graphics, unless they serve as temporary images.

Custom Content in Images

The Dead Island Wiki is an information source for official content relating to the Dead Island series. As such, at no time should any images containing custom content be added to articles. This is to ensure the content will not confuse or trick viewers into thinking the content is official or present in the official games.

Inappropriate images/Offensive images

Inappropriate and/or offensive images will not be tolerated in any form. This includes, but is not limited to images of gore, pornography, offensive acts, inappropriate in-game content and other offensive content.

Uploading inappropriate/offensive images is prohibited on this wiki. Any content deemed inappropriate or offensive by the Wiki admins will be removed immediately and the user will be blocked.

Duplicated images

Uploading the same image as one currently on the wiki is prohibited and the duplicated image will be deleted.


Uploaded content should not contain advertising of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Advertising and/or linking to personal websites
  • Advertising and/or linking to commercial websites
  • Self promotional images, such as including a by-line in the image

Any image containing any kind of advertising will either be removed.

Unrelated images

The wiki should not include any non-series images, this includes user pages. All images uploaded to the wiki should include Dead Island content in some way. Any non-Dead Island related images will be deleted.

Enjoy editing and respect other users

Enjoy being on the Wiki, and have fun interacting with the community. Respect other users and their beliefs and opinions.


The blog policy has taken effect as of August 2011.

  • Blogs must be more then a few sentences long.
  • All blogs must meet a minimum medium-quality standard.
  • Constant low-quality blogs will lead to their creator being blocked for 3 days.