Dead Island Wiki has its own official IRC chatroom, #wikia-deadisland. This chatroom is available for anyone to use; however, there are some rules.


Harassing other users

Being rude or personally attacking other users will result in a kick, and if continued, ban.

Flooding, Spamming and Trolling

All three of the above are not permitted, and will result in immediate action by an admin.


Unlike on the wiki, use of profanity is allowed, though extreme abuse of this (excessive swearing, insulting users, etc.) will result in a ban.

Abuse of op

Operator status is given to all admins. If admins kick and ban users needlessly, they will lose this right.

Ban circulation

If you've been banned and your IP changes, you are still not allowed to join the channel. If you've been banned and join with a different IP, both IPs will be blocked for a time double that of what you were originally given.

Furthermore, there is no 'set' topic for the channel. It is available to chat about the wiki, the game, and any other appropriate topics.


  1. Type your username in the space given below. If your name is too long, shorten it (for example, if your username is User144IsEditing! shorten it to UserIE).
  2. Once connected, type in '/msg nickserv register <PASSWORD> <EMAIL>'. Give a password and your email address. Keep your password safe. It is recommended that you make your IRC password and Wikia password different.
  3. An email will be sent to the given email address. Follow the steps from there.
  4. If you've registered, nobody else can use the nickname you provided. Every time you join IRC, remember to type '/msg nickserv identify <PASSWORD>' to identify. If that doesn't work, try '/nickserv identify <PASSWORD>'.
  5. If you are an admin, contact BobNewbie and give the nickname you used to register, and ask for voice.
  6. Any issues encountered while using the IRC can be addressed by leaving the IRC contact a message stating the problem.

Connect via Freenode

Useful Tips
  • The current IRC operator is BobTheZ.
  • Other useful channels you can access by typing '/join' then the channel name include #wikia, #wikia-gaming, #freenode, and #wikia-vstf.
  • There are currently two bots in the channel, ChanServ and RuneScript. RuneScript may only be on during certain times. He can do a wide variety of things, including (but not limited to) processing links, translations, giving the time around various parts of the world, etc. ChanServ is used to help control the channel, as he's the one who helps kick and ban users and helps autovoice admins.
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