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Published by Deep Silver and released on May 31, 2016, the Dead Island: Definitive Collection is a remastered colection of the first two Dead Island games on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.


The Dead Island: Definitive Collection includes the remastered (Definitive Edition) versions of Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, which were rebuilt using Techland's current generation engine Chrome Engine 6, as well as the retro beat-em-up side-scroller known as Dead Island: Retro Revenge developed by Empty Clip Studios. Although no new story content was included for either of the original games, both games come with their full complement of DLC included.

The definitive editions can also be bought individually for a price similar to the original editions if you don't want Retro Revenge. When they first came out, owners of both original games (Dead Island and Riptide) could buy the definitive editions at a heavy discounted price (85% off) to make up for the remaster, which was a nice addition.


Game engine and graphics[]

  • Higher Quality Textures.
  • Photorealistic new lighting system.
  • Physically based shading.
  • Image quality enhancements via anti-aliasing.
  • Improved-quality game models and geometry assets.
  • HBAO and motion blur effects.
  • Updated game UI.
  • The Current-gen Console Experience including Online 4 Player Co-op, PS Vita Remote-Play (PS4), Share-Play (PS4), streaming and recording.
  • Power Fists Power-up PC mod.
  • Updated weapon models for firearms and melee weapons.
  • One Punch Mode for all characters, a separate game mode that does not go towards challenges or achievements.

Quality of life changes[]

  • Throwables like Molotovs, Grenades, etc, as well as alcohol, are now their own weapons and don't take up a weapon slot. A change made in Riptide and kept in the Definitive Editions.
  • When looting a container, if it contained alcohol, it could sometimes replace your current weapon and equip it in your hand. This no longer occurs and the alcohol will just go straight into your inventory.
  • Looting bodies is now seamless, like looting a container. In the original games, your character would pause when looting a body, whereas looting a container could be just smash and grab without stopping. This is now the case for looting bodies as well, allowing you to loot bodies mid-combat, in large quantities or in a hurry without getting stopped at each body.
  • Fall damage has been greatly improved, meaning you won't loose 9/10ths of your health for falling off a low ledge.
  • Vehicles now act like they did in Riptide, being one shot kills against anything, even at low speeds.
  • The previously inaccessible room in the Laboratory map is now accessible via the main door.
  • When going through mod items in a merchant's inventory screen, the amount of each one you have is now displayed on the shop purchase screen, meaning you don't need to switch between selling/buying to check if you need a certain mod item.
  • A new defensive move which can be performed whilst holding any firearm, which is a small push away from the player, which will push away the zombie, giving breathing space for a few seconds.


  • The Laboratory map appears to have been compiled with a few bugs. Banoi Herald Excerpt #33 is in an inaccessible location. Also all containers and kills may only spawn money, medkits, or firearm ammo.
  • The Rebels in Ryder White's Campaign for some reason appear as prison guards instead of prisoners.
  • Also in Ryder White's Campaign, Ryder will speak exclusively with a radio filter on, like he's talking to someone via the radio, even if he's talking to them face to face.
  • Some zombies (mostly Infected) will spawn with wrong head models or headgear.
  • Sometimes, when talking to survivors face-to-face, they will sound like if they were talking to a Hero via radio.
  • In the prison, one wall up a stairwell after exiting the showers is missing, allowing you to see the white void and other parts of the map.
  • Also in the final part of the prison, some of the wall column seams aren't lined up properly, allowing a thin strip where white void light light seeps through.
  • In Riptide, lots of ammo and health items can be found on tables around Henderson, but many of them are clipped through the tables, making them impossible to pick up.


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