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The Dead Island Film is a possible film tie in to Dead Island.

On the 27th September 2011, Lionsgate acquired the film rights to Dead Island and was beginning feature film development. The film was to be produced by Sean Daniel, of "The Mummy" fame. Currently, there are no known writers.

The studio was going to co-produce the film along with Occupant Entertainment and the game company Deep Silver. Filming was scheduled to begin in 2015. However, since then no new information has been released, so it's unknown if filming ever started in 2015 or if it never did.

According to Lionsgate, the movie will be "an innovation of the zombie genre because of its focus on human emotion, family ties and non-linear storytelling". However, it is unknown if they will follow the same plot line of Dead Island or go for a new spin on it.

From the script leaked on the Dead Island Reddit, this version of the script had very little family ties involved, but was a non-linear type of storytelling, like Lionsgate said it would be. It is a completely separate storyline from the plot of the game, featuring very few returning characters and only having a couple of places recognisable from the game. It is also far more light-hearted and slapstick compared to the more gritty, realistic nature of the games. It also features fourth wall-breaking and self-awareness, based on the script.

2017 script and details[]

On the Dead Island Reddit (post subsequently has been deleted), a possible script for the movie was discovered and posted, consisting of just over 100 pages of the entire plot, it detailed a movie based on completely new characters with original characters appearing from both Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide as opposed to being a tie in movie following the original game's plot. The script was written by Jason Lei Howden and appears to be dated from the 8th September 2017.

Possible plot[]

The script starts with Dr. Kessler travelling through the Banoi Jungle with group of scientists, including two interns, and two native guides. Marko is filming their trip and they witness native mummies and Kessler takes a sample from a river they come across. The guides lead them to a native village that has been burnt to the ground where they find a woman laughing near a pile of corpses. The native guide says she has the 'laughing sickness' which Kessler clarifies as Kuru. Suddenly the woman goes quiet before jumping on Lydia and biting her neck. One of the guides throws her off before the woman is killed by a spear from behind. Koritoia Ope appears with tribesmen and, after seeing Lydia's bite, says she must die, despite Kessler’s pleading. One of the guides, Keiko, offers to kill Lydia rather than the tribesmen but instead kills the tribesmen holding Lydia, telling the scientists to run. He and the other guide are killed trying to prevent the tribesmen giving chase, however they pursue Kessler and his group. As they are fleeing, Lydia turns and attacks Marko whilst Kessler keeps running. After hearing his pursuers grow quiet, he heads back down the path to find blood all around but no bodies. The camera would then pan upwards above the jungle to show the Resort in the background as well as the title screen.

The title sequence plays which has time running backwards and in slow motion, showing carnage in the hotels pool area. After this, the camera would focus on a group of people, being Si, Tynan, Cassie and Asher, who are enjoying their experience of killing zombies. Si voices over as the group reverse kills a group of zombies, showing their enjoyment of the situation. The title screen would then end.

After the title screen, it would jump backwards to three weeks earlier, showing a montage of mobile phone footage of Si, Tynan and Asher as they begin their trip. It would then show Tynan and Asher rushing through and airport looking for their plane, late, before Si shouts to them from behind what their gate was. Once in the plane, they continue to make social media recordings with filters , annoying the flight attendant, before cutting to a beach on Amaia. It's shown that Si has met Cassie and the two have started a relationship, which Tynan is unimpressed with. Later at their cabin, Tynan and Asher have super soakers and plan to prank Si in his room, before bursting in to find Si and Cassie having sex, which angers Si who give chase. Then it would follow their trip on Google Maps as they go from Amaia to Narapela, where a (likely short) montage would show general goofing off, pictures and drinking. Then, back on the plane, it would have shown Asher filming, saying that they were en-route to Banoi before jumping to Palanai for the Full Moon Festival. Si and Cassie are shown in the seat behind him resting on each other, asleep, which causes an angry remark from Tynan.

At Banoi Airport, it would have shown that their bags had been lost by the airline company. Distraught, the group prospect being stuck on Banoi without a way to get to either the Full Moon Festival or back home afterwards. Si would look out the airport window to see the Royal Palms Resort, where he has the idea to work at the hotel to get some money. Asher becomes a bartender where he meets Mr & Mrs Aaronson, who appeared as a nice elderly couple before quickly revealing themselves as swingers, which horrifies and disgusts Asher, who quickly moves away. Tynan becomes a hotel staff member and clears out rooms, one of which he enters and instantly takes a beer from the fridge, pees in the ice tray before exhaustedly jumping on the bed and uses the TV to watch pornographic movies which states are charged to the room. Later in the foyer, the 'wholesome family' ends their stay and the wife pays for the bill. After seeing what's charged, she angrily punches her husband before storming away, leaving her husband confused. Cassie also works at the Hotel and enters a different room where 'remnants of debauched partying' are. Just as she's about to start cleaning the area, one of the guests appears in a towel and shamelessly hits on Cassie, who quickly leaves the room. It would then return to Tynan who half-heartedly was cleaning surfaces in another room, before rooting around in the luggage and wardrobe, being rewarded by finding a bag of marijuana and cash in a bedside table.

Returning to outside, Si is in a deckchair with Asher next to a pool, on break. Tynan drops the drugs on his lap and Si hurriedly berates him, not wanting to get fired. Then Dave appears and asks if the group want their time documented before handing them his 'card' which would be a napkin with Dave's details hurriedly written on it. After being polite to Dave, who doesn't leave, Tynan bluntly tells him to go away. He then sees Jerrika at a bar and, after telling the group about her, Cassie turns up and sits with Si after kissing him. Annoyed at her appearance, Tynan stands up to go to chat up Jerrika, whilst Si apologises to the offended Cassie about Tynan before having to return to work. Tynan uses a terrible pickup line on Jerrika as an ice breaker before spying a heavily built guy, which Jerrika tells him is Maxim Locke, son of the owner of the Resort. In an attempt to impress her, Tynan tries to make fun of him, mocking his presumed size of his penis, only for it to backfire when Jerrika heads straight over to Maxim, revealing him to be her boyfriend. Telling Maxim about what Tynan said, he storms over and angrily confronts Tynan who tries to act innocent. Elsewhere, Si hands a drink to Boris Popov, an 'obese Russian man', but has the wrong drink, vodka tonic instead of gin and tonic, causing Boris to mock him that he gave him vodka because of being Russian. Si angrily returns to the bar to get the correct drink, muttering angrily to himself and having the vodka.

He would then see the commotion as Tynan is surrounded by Maxim and his friends, who attempts to diffuse it before mocking Maxim once again. Jerrika attempts to convince Maxim to leave, but as he does so, Tynan shouts another insult to him, which causes Maxim to punch him in the face and throw him over the bar. Si tackles him and a fight occurs. A supervisor would see it, and Cassie pulls Si away whilst Maxim's friends restrain him. Upon seeing Tynan as the cause, the supervisor fires both Si and Tynan, which infuriates Cassie and leaves Maxim gloating. An unspecified time later, Si would be on the beach with some beer when Tynan arrives and throws cash in his face. Tynan tells him it's enough to buy a boat ticket and tickets to the Full Moon Festival, but Si tells him that he's returning to the US with Cassie to show her the place before he starts work, and that Asher is also head back. Stunned, Tynan angrily blames it on Cassie before storming off, telling Si that he's going to the festival regardless.

Across the beach, a lifeguard sprints to a drowning victim, crowd gathering around whilst Tynan makes a remark and continues to drink. They notice the victim has a bite mark on the arm, though continue to make fun of the situation and drink. As the lifeguard is performing mouth-to-mouth, the victim suddenly comes alive and bites him on his bottom lip, the crowd backing away and the lifeguard screaming. Si runs over whilst Tynan just laughs about it before resentfully getting up. The victim gets up, ripping off the lip and chin flesh from the lifeguard. Si pulls the lifeguard away whilst the crowd simply film it, Si berating them before the victim grabs and bites the arm of a young woman. The crowd disperse, screaming, whilst Si tries to separate the two, only being knocked away by the crowd, dazed. The lifeguard and woman near them begin to turn, cackling. The lifeguard spots Tynan, tackles him to the ground with a scream before having his skull bashed in by Si with a paddle. The two quickly catch on that they're caught up in the middle of a zombie outbreak. An elderly zombie spots Si, who readies his paddle, only for Tynan to kill them with a broken beer bottle. Overjoyed, the two take in their first zombie kills before Si leads them towards the Resort to find Asher and Cassie.

Back in the hotel, Cassie’s pushing a cleaning cart along when one wheel locks up. Up head, a crying girl catches her attention and she heads forwards to comfort her, as much as she dislikes kids, and prays the kid isn't creepy. The child starts to laugh, and Cassie sees them slumped over a body, before lunging at her and crawling like a spider over the floor at her. Cassie believes the child is just sugar crazed, as she defends herself with a tray, reaching for a bleach spray but eventually not spraying the zombie. Grabbing a rubbish bag from the cart, she manages to scoop the girl into the bag and using the draw string to close it. Four zombies burst out of a door and Cassie runs.

Tynan attempts to use a beach umbrella as a lance before wind catches it and opens it, causing him to fall over. As the zombie charges, he uses the sharp end against the zombie in panic and impales it, The wind carrying it away. A jock Thug approaches him but Si breaks both its legs with a paddle. Still crawling towards Tynan, he uses a sand castle bucket and hits the Thug's face before Si impales its head with the paddle. Back with Cassie, she runs down an hallway, pursued by zombies, when she hears a cry for help. Doubling back, she finds a massage room with the guest that hit on her before, shouting for help as his masseuse is turning in a corner of the room. Cassie tries to unlock the door with her ring of keys but the man insults her as she fumbles, causing her to angrily tells him to get himself out before the masseuse jumps on him from behind, horrifying Cassie. Further down the hall, Asher is cornered by two zombies, fending them off with a mop, trying to talk them down. Seeing them, Cassie runs down the hall, spies a fire axe in its box and uses it to save Asher, taking out her anger on one of them. The two of them head to the foyer to find Si and Tynan.

With Si and Tynan, they’re heading down the beach and find a survivor stabbing a zombie in the chest with a diving knife. After they tell him to go for the head, the man is killed by the zombie. The pair see loads of boats attempting to leave the island but Si can't leave without Cassie and Asher, despite the screams coming from the hotel area. Si runs off  as Tynan reluctantly follows. The events of the title screen play out, but in real time, as they meet with Cassie and Asher. Then they see Boris again, but as a large floating zombie in a pool. As Tynan approaches, Boris unleashes bile at him, which hits him in the face. After a remark, Tynan tries again but another load of vomit pushes him backwards. Cassie then tries but is batted away into some pool chairs. After checking on Cassie, Si and Tynan use noise to distract Boris, where Tynan distracts him whilst Si attacked him with the paddle. Cassie then joins in and together they finish him off.

They head to the hotel and attempt sneak through the foyer to the stairs, around some feasting zombies. However, Tynan uses a vending machine and alerts the zombies. Si rushes back and clears a path for Tynan but gets bitten on his arm. As he's turning, Cassie holds back the zombies with her fire axe and Tynan holds Si helplessly. Si voices over about the virus taking over, hijacking his body whilst he can only watch it happen. It would switch to his infected view as 'distorted, like infrared. Even the smallest sound is deafeningly loud.' Tynan glows hot and Si is salivating from the infection taking hold. Before he fully turns, he manages to tell Tynan to protect Cassie, but Tynan tells him he's going to fine. Si makes him promise, which he does, before Si finally finishes turning and attempts to bite Tynan. Pushing him away, the zombies break through and they flee into a dining area, leaving Si with the zombies.

Running through the dining room, Asher has an idea and they enter the kitchen. They reach a food storage locker which is locked, but Asher hears voices from inside whilst Cassie wants to go back for Si, in denial. Asher manages to get the people inside the locker to reluctantly let them in, saving them. Inside they find the terrified Mr & Mrs Aaronson again, still in bathing suits, as well as Dave. Now safe, Cassie sits down, crying. Asher tries to comfort her but she's not listening, staring angrily at Tynan.

Si voices over as it cuts to several weeks later, stating that after several weeks they opened the door and venture out. A lone zombie’s on the floor and stands up after hearing the door open, only for Cassie to kill it. They head towards the foyer where they find more zombies, now slow and more docile. Watching from above, they try and find Si but Cassie says that if they do, they'll put him down. They quickly deal with the zombies in a slash cut montage which also includes barricading the doors and windows with boards. Later, in a hallway, Tynan and Asher are loading bodies onto carts and throwing them down a laundry chute until it is full, with a pair of legs sticking out the end. Cassie scolds them and tells them to burn them outside instead before stalking off as the two start to struggle to remove the bodies. Later again, in a bloodied office, Asher sits and views the destruction before exiting with a broken radio, shouting that they could fix it. With no responses, he looks around, hears noises from a closed room and opens it in terror slowly. He sees Mr & Mrs Aaronson having sex and so closes the door swiftly, traumatized. Later again, on the roof, Cassie, Tynan, Asher and Dave have spelt out 'HELP US ESCAPE DEAD ISLAND' using junk whilst Dave videos the sea of zombies between the Resort and Moresby. They discuss the radio and Asher thinks he can get it working, he just needs electronics from a shop in town he remembers seeing, and Cassie spies an ice cream van that can get them there. Then a montage would occur of them all crafting weapons in the parking garage of the hotel to venture out to the town.

After doing so, they would exit the Hotel dressed in homemade armour and weapons. After messing around with their new gear, a shouting match breaks out between Cassie and Tynan, where she blames him for Si's death whilst he counters that they could have left on a boat but instead came back for her. They are interrupted by Asher who points at a group of zombies that had been approaching them, alerted by the shouting. They swiftly deal with them with their new gear, only be confronted by zombies on segways. They run but soon realise that the segway zombies are far slower, so they walk to the van. Once in, they start up the van, the jingle blaring, alerting nearby zombies. They drive it back to the hotel and upgrade it with armour and defensive weapons like spikes, as well as writing 'EYE-SCREAM' on the side.

Taking the truck, they head into town, blaring music and eating ice cream. Cassie uses concrete rebar as a club out the side door. Approaching zombies, Asher hits a switch and twin chainsaws appear from the grille, cutting through the crowd as they pull up outside the electronics store. They all exit, with just a few zombies around, and after a short deliberation, Cassie and Asher enter the store whilst Tynan is left fuming outside at their lack of trust in him. He gets out a BBQ Blade and kills a zombie. Still muttering, he goes to kill another and realises it's Si. Si, in voice over, recognises Tynan and tries to get his zombie to speak, but nothing comes out. Tynan is conflicted about killing him and refuses to, instead electing to tie him up with a skipping rope before stuffing him in a freezer. Just then, Cassie and Asher come out of the store and see Tynan in the truck. Berating him for not keeping watch, Cassie shouts at him but then hears a thud from the freezer. Tynan tries to bluff but it happens again, and as Cassie goes to open it, a zombie bashes the side window, causing them to quickly drive back to the hotel.

At night, Tynan takes Si out of the freezer in the parking garage before finding a dog collar and leash, attaching it to Si. He notices Si looking at himself in a mirror, and thinks that Si still exists in there somewhere. After giving him a cap, sunglasses and some body spray, he decided that he's going to try and 'rehabilitate' Si. Later, all the survivors are listening to Asher use the new fixed radio, but hear nothing and after being despondent at nothing to do, they decide to instead be proactive. A montage occurs with Tynan placing headphones over Si and taking him outside in the guise of being Asher, whilst Cassie looks on suspiciously, who decides to find some gym clothes and hit the gym. On the beach, Tynan has bolted machetes to a jetski and is trailing Si behind, killing zombies floating in the surf. On a street, the three of them roll a gas can down a road and blow up zombies in its way, chalking up how many it kills before drinking and rolling another. On the beach, Mr & Mrs Aaronson are in very skimpy swimsuits along with bikini zombies whilst Dave films a hip-hop video. In a room, Cassie puts on roller skates and picks up two machetes before rollerblading along a beach path, killing zombies. On a lifeguard pier, Tynan face swaps with the zombie Si. A time-lapse occurs as they fill up the foyer with looted stuff and Cassie graffities the wall. Finally, on the rooftop, The three of the sit on deck chairs and smoke weed.

The next day would have seen Cassie and Asher at the Banoi Aquarium where they visit the Dolphin Cove. After reading a pamphlet about the dolphin, named Dolphiny McDolphinface, the two enter and find the dolphin very weak. Asher sees the gate control to the sea and gets Cassie to help him open it, letting the dolphin free. That night in the hotel, Cassie tiredly stumbles into a ‘mancave’. From a different room, she hears Tynan and asks what they're doing. She sees him watching TV on a sofa with Asher and sees a third person, which she recognises in shock as Si. They have a conversation without realising Cassie is there until she angrily unplugs the TV and the two try to play it cool to her, whilst Si voices over his thoughts. Cassie takes out a machete emotionally to kill Si but Tynan stands in her way, trying to reason to her to keep Si alive, whose zombie is breaking free of his restraints, unbeknownst to them. They get into a fight, wrestling over the machete as Si frees himself, attacking and biting Asher on the neck who is trying to stop the fight. Tynan grabs Si's leash and ties him to the wall as Cassie sees to Asher. Angry with Tynan, Cassie gives him the machete and tells him to kill Asher, or she will. The two have an emotional goodbye before he prepares to kill him, however he pauses when he realises that Asher isn't laughing, unlike others who become infected, making Tynan realise that Asher is immune. The others are slow on taking it up but Tynan theorises that they could make a cure to save Si.

That night, a storm occurs outside and a group of four people use a hatchet to kill a zombie before being guided to the hotel by lights and music. They enter the foyer to find all the graffiti and stolen goods, hearing the music from an adjoining room, someone cocks a pistol. The survivors are having a karaoke night in a rec room, drinking and singing. The pistol is fired, causing them all to duck and revealing the four new people to be Jerrika, Maxim Locke, Jonathan Locke and Elwood, who owns the gun. After Tynan asks who he is, Jonathan reveals himself as the owner and demands to know what they're doing there. Tynan makes snide responses so Jonathan hits him multiple times as he fails to be quiet. After finally silencing him, Jonathan tells them all that they will always be on the bottom and he will always be better than them, before demanding they leave. When they refuse, he orders Elwood to shoot Tynan, but he hesitates after putting the gun in his mouth. Jerrika tries to stop it but Maxim stops her, until Cassie points a bow at Elwood. After a tense moment, they make a deal off-screen which results in the new people getting the penthouse whilst the others remain on the lower floors. The next day, Tynan and Asher are cleaning graffiti when Maxim and Jonathan arrive, laughing at them as Maxim throws and apple at the wall they just cleaned.

Cassie enters the basement where Si is and aims to kill him if he doesn't show life. After showing Si's view, with flashbacks of what the two did, he goes to bite her but manages to stop himself, making Cassie leave. Elsewher, Asher sees Jerrika in a rec room, despondent, but hurries away, bumping into Cassie, who doesn't believe his cover story. After failing to get him to talk to her, so Cassie pushes him into the room, catching Jerrika's attention. After an awkward introduction, Asher starts talking to her and she reveals that she can't stop seeing the faces of the zombies, having PTSD, before breaking down, crying to Asher. Suddenly, the radio breaks into life and Dr. Kessler can be heard.

The group surrounds the radio and listen to Kessler who explains how he got back to his lab. Kessler confirms to Cassie, who asked, that he's never found an immune person until Asher tells him about his bite. Excited, Kessler tells him to come to him immediately so he can run some tests, whilst Jonathan starts a scheme with Maxim and Elwood to profit off Asher's immunity. On the roof, Tynan is trying to teach Si to catch when he sees Cassie and becomes defensive. Cassie asks if he was going with them to the lab, but he says no, even when Cassie says it's his last chance to get off the island, but he still wants to remain with Si, as there's nothing left for him out there. The two part ways on bad terms once again. Later, on guard duty, Tynan is bored in his chair with his electric katana when Jonathan arrives from an elevator with an expensive bottle of whiskey, apparently confused. Tynan tells him to get back up to the upper levels but he remains and offers Tynan a drink of his whiskey, which he takes, even though he knows he shouldn't. After talking a little, Jonathan tells him to consider whose side he's on, before getting back in the elevator.

That night, Tynan’s passed out in front of the TV in the rec room, drunk from the whiskey. Elwood sneaks through the door with the others. Jerrika protests quietly, only for Maxim to quiet her. They surprise Asher who is sleeping in the same room, binding and gagging him with gaffer tape. In the van, he is bundled in and manages to look at Jerrika, who guiltily looks away. Before they leave, Jonathan uses a crowbar to tear down the front door barricade, letting the zombies flood into the hotel. Running back to the van, Jerrika asked what he did but gets no answer as they start up the van and loud music blares, worrying them as they don't know how to turn it off. Cassie, awakened by the music, sees the van speeding off and grabs her bow. After killing one of the zombies in the corridor, she takes out her machetes and fights through to Asher's room, to find it empty, before Dave exits his room and fights the zombies as well, asking where they came from, but Cassie knows right away. In a Sauna elsewhere, Mr & Mrs Aaronson are preparing to have some fun, but when Mr Aaronson calls out to a shape in the mist, he get a growl before being attacked from behind and killed. Mrs Aaronson is in a hot tub, oblivious to the zombies, when she feels something under the water, thinking it to be her husband. A blonde zombie appears and drags her underwater, killing her. Cassie and Dave arrive too late for them, after seeing Mrs Aaronson's body bob to the surface before cackling and looking at them. Cassie kills her and they move on.

Tynan hears banging and wake up, as zombies burst in, but he realises he's too drunk to deal with them. After falling over several times and losing his katana, he finds some modded boxing gloves and puts them on, turns on the karaoke machine before throwing punches at the zombies. After killing a few, he misses a swing and falls down. About to be clawed, he is saved by Cassie, who drags him to his feet and towards the door that Dave is guarding, only for it to be broken open and Dave torn in half by zombies, from the POV of a GoPro helmet he was wearing. Cassie drags Tynan to the entrance, who asks where Asher is, only for Cassie to angrily tell him that he screwed up again. As Cassie breaks down the fire escape, Tynan goes back for something. From the outside, Cassie sprints out and Tynan soon appears with Si, telling Cassie that it's the last chance for Si to be cured. Cassie decides that they need to reach Kessler, so set off after the others. In the truck, Elwood is struggling to drive the van. Asher is given water by Jerrika, who looks away when Asher sarcastically responds to her question of if he's ok. As they drive, a group of zombies are over the road and the truck loses traction after crashing over them, causing it to career off the road. They all escape with minor injuries other than Elwood who is pinned to the dashboard. Jonathan looks like he's going to help before grabbing his handgun, telling him that he's an asshole and that he's fine with that, before loudly turning on the radio and leaving, telling him that despite his protests of working for him for 15 years, Elwood would never be 'one of us'. Jerrika asks if he's dead from the screaming and cursing which is drowned out by the music and Jonathan replies that he sadly didn't make it. A zombie breaks through the glass, grabs Elwood’s neck and drags him out.

In the swamp, Cassie struggles through it before Si breezes past, with Tynan riding on him like a horse. After getting off at solid ground, he asks how much further, to which Cassie responds that she has no idea, before Tynan apologises to her for everything. After sharing a heart-to-heart moment, the tribesmen and Ope from the opening appear, though far fewer in number, and notice Si. They go to kill him but Tynan blocks them. When he won't move, Ope orders the tribesmen to kill them all. However, Tynan manages to halt them by telling Ope about Asher and his immunity. Ope asks where he is and when Tynan tells him that he was kidnapped by Jonathan Locke, Ope remembers him for destroying their homes and polluting the rivers to build the Resort. He knows of the lab and says he will take them there. They go across the mountains and reach the Lab, where Tynan notices that the truck is not there. He buzzes on the door and tells Kessler that they've arrived with the tribesmen, and they are let in. Tynan thinks that Kessler was acting weird and as they enter the lab greenhouse, the sprinklers awaken zombies that were previously unseen. Kessler is sweating, looking at them through a monitor as Jonathan points the gun at him. Kessler states that it is evil as tribesmen are eaten, but Jonathan refuses to let him turn off the screen, and orders him to instead check on Asher. After taking a full blood bag, he places it in a centrifuge and it spins around after Maxim breaks some of his vials deliberately. The camera then transitions from the spinning centrifuge to a chainsaw in the corridor, wielded by Tynan. He spies some garbage bags in the corner and, using Si as a ram, orders him to charge at the bags, which he understands, allowing Tynan to get through, though Cassie thinks he's fleeing.

In the lab, as Kessler is making a serum, he starts to tell them about how the infection started, though Jonathan is disinterested, watching the CCTV. A flashback occurs with Kessler voicing over, of a native drinking from a river before it shows a cell in his brain that is turned black from the disease. A mutation of Kuru caused by local development, headed by Jonathan. Maxim, bored in the lab, breaks a vial which Kessler tells him his a highly concentrate form of magic mushrooms. Maxim starts tripping out as Jerrika apologises to Asher, who sarcastically responds likewise that all they care about is themselves. Maxim is tripping out, much to the annoyance of Jonathan, who angrily tells Asher to shut up and Maxim to stop messing around, though from his point of view, he is drugged out. Back in the greenhouse, most tribesmen are dead and Cassie is tiring. Ope is the last one left but is bitten from behind. After killing the zombie with his dagger, he begins to turn but is killed by Cassie before he can. Just in time, Tynan returns with a weed whacker fitted with a boat propeller, throwing it to her. She kills the zombies and fights their way to the door, which is locked. Holding off the zombies, Cassie tells Tynan to get it open. In the main lab, Asher watches his friends get to the door and manages to make eye contact with Jerrika, who understands what he wants. Meanwhile, Kessler finishes the serum and Jonathan forces him to hand it over, planning to sell it to the highest bidder. Jerrika, near the door controls, is jumped by Maxim who looks to tell on her but is still tripping out, so speaks gibberish. Distracting him, Jerrika manages to press the unlock button. Hearing the unlock, Jonathan sees her and shoots, but she grabs Asher and gets into cover. As he shoots at them, she unstraps Asher as Tynan, Cassie and Si break in from the corridor, diving to the floor, causing Si's muzzle to break open. Zombies fill the room and attack them, biting Kessler as Jonathan grabs Maxim and flees. As Kessler is turning, Cassie asks him where an escape is and he points at a set of keys, saying there is a boat in the dock but the engine is broken. Promising they'll return with a cure, they escape the lab and barricade the door, preventing the zombies following.

Further down, Jonathan is taking the drugged Maxim away, still not realising what's happened to him, only to be tackled by a now zombie Elwood. He manages to shoot Elwood but is infected. He tells Maxim to get the cure for him, but Maxim leaves him. As he turns, Cassie kills him and Tynan grabs the cure. Heading back to the lab, Cassie is bitten from behind by Si, who quickly backs away sheepishly. Tynan tells Asher and Jerrika to head to the boat, they'll catch up. They reach the boat and Asher fixes it. They share a smile before Maxim pops out the water with a spear, seeing Jerrika as a zombie from his hallucination. She is killed as Maxim celebrates, before thinking that Asher is also a zombie. Pushing him into the water, he jumps into the boat and drives away. Back with the others, Cassie is turning and Tynan needs to decide who to use it on. He decides on Si but the zombie Si manages to gurgle out Cassie's name. Tynan hesitates before injecting it all into someone.

Asher treads water as Maxim drives around in the boat, thinking the zombies in the water to be clowns. He feels something below him, panicking, before it is revealed to be the dolphin from earlier, now fully recovered. The dolphin takes him to the boat, and he grabs a spear dart from a nearby body. After seeing them, it bullet times as the dolphin leaps over the boat and Asher throws the spear at Maxim, knocking him off the boat into the water. Back in real time, Asher gets into the boat and bids farewell to the dolphin before starting to head back. Maxim is floating in the water but his hair is caught in the boat propeller, crushing his head. He spies Cassie, Tynan and Si coming down the path, with Cassie now freed from infection. Cassie is recovering and has some water as they make up, only to be interrupted by the zombie Si giving them a warning of approaching zombies. As Asher pulls up, he helps Cassie into the boat and when she asks about Jerrika, he tells her he didn't make it. They speed off but a zombie grabs on, so Tynan uses the anchor and breaks its head. As Asher goes to sit down, he is bitten by a snake on his groin, and the camera won’t show it but Tynan sucks out the poison. They all make up and laugh, driving off. An end montage happens of footage captured by Cassie, Tynan and Asher as well as Dave's music video before it would cut to the boat on the sea with the title of 'days later'. They are all weak from lack of food and water, as well as no fuel, adrift, but then Cassie spots an island, being Palanai. They realise they can go to the festival after all and laugh about it, only for that laughter to carry to the beach, where it is revealed that all the partygoers are either dead or zombies, ready to feast. The end credits then play.

Possible characters[]

  • Dr. Kessler - A scientist researching the Kuru disease that's endemic to the natives.
  • Marko - An intern working for Dr. Kessler.
  • Lydia - An intern working for Dr. Kessler.
  • Munan - A native guide for Kessler's group.
  • Keiko - A native guide for Kessler's group.
  • Koritoia Ope - A native chief and witchdoctor.
  • Si - A large, muscular man on holiday with his friends.
  • Tynan - Self-centred best friend of Si.
  • Cassie - An Australian girl met on Amaia who falls in love with Si.
  • Asher - A big boned, skittish friend of Si and Tynan.
  • Mr & Mrs Aaronson - An elderly swinger couple.
  • Dave - A photographer and videographer at the Hotel.
  • Unnamed Male Guest - A middle aged man who hits on Cassie.
  • Maxim Locke - Son of the owner of the Resort.
  • Jerrika - Girlfriend of Maxim Locke.
  • Boris Popov - A large Russian man staying at the Resort.
  • Dolphiny McDolphinface - A dolphin stuck at the Banoi Aquarium and saved by Cassie and Asher. Later named Dolphin Ludgren by Cassie.
  • Jonathan Locke - The rich, snooty owner of the Royal Palms Resort.
  • Elwood - The bodyguard of Jonathan Locke for over 15 years.
  • Yerema (mentioned) - The deceased daughter of Ope.

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