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The Dead Island Comic is a digital comic book published by Dark Horse Comics. It follows Richard and Marco, two ordinary men trying to survive zombie apocalypse in California. It was released on 5th November 2014.


Death comes to California! Richard and Marco were two ordinary guys until the zombie apocalypse gave them the chance to become true heroes… or at least rip the undead apart! Don’t miss the sidesplitting, gut-ripping digital-exclusive comic that ties directly into the Dead Island game universe!

· Undead hilarity from Alex de Campi (Grindhouse) and Mike Hawthorne (Deadpool)
· Connects the story of Escape Dead Island with Dead Island 2
· Volume 1 is available now. All three volumes will be available for free on the Dark Horse App, Amazon, Nook app, and online.


4 days after the outbreak in California, three survivors are running to escape from a horde of zombies. They escape into an R&D room of the GeoPharm lab they are in when a zombie breaks through the roof. It then flashes back to the day of the outbreak, but quickly fasts forwards to earlier that morning when Richard Nguyen is playing video games whilst his best friend Marco smokes from a bong. After getting into an argument about Richard playing video games all day, Marco tells him to take out the trash. Whilst doing so, his next door neighbor, Mr. Georgescu, appears at their fence. After snatching and eating a crow, Mr. Georgescu breaks through the fence, revealing him to be now undead. After fending him off with a trash can lid, Richard gets back into the house to tell Marco, who reveals he already knew about the zombies. They decide to escape to the police station to find guns to kill the zombies, and so run out the house with various musical instruments as weapons. After commandeering an abandoned children's bike and big wheel, they escape down the road to encounter Shelly, Marco's girlfriend. She reveals that she was bitten and fell on a cake knife to kill herself. She dies and turns, attempting to bite Marco who is using the bike as a weapon. Before she can bite him, however, Richard takes Marco on the big wheel to escape the horde, with the undead Shelly hanging on the back.

At some point, the two of them loose Shelly and the big wheel before reaching the GeoPharm lab. After entering the lab, likely using either Marco's or Richard's clearance, they find Lacey and start to explore the lab. Whilst traversing the lab, they are found and chased by zombies, escaping into the R&D rec room before barricading the door behind them, evading the zombies. However, a zombie breaks through the glass skylight and falls onto Richard. The comic ends here and no further issues were released.



  • The comic book was originally meant to be a 3 issue run, however for an unknown reason, the other two parts were never released.
  • The first and only released part can be read digitally for free on the Dark Horse Digital website HERE.