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Dead Island: Survivors is a video game developed by Fishlabs and published by Deep Silver for IOS and Android devices. It was released on the 4th July 2018 for both operating systems. The game uses a third person, fixed camera perspective and is a tower defence style spin off game from the main series. The game was shut down in July 2020.


  • The game is played from a third person, fixed camera perspective which moves with the player character. The main objective is to protect the home base from increasingly difficult waves of enemies. As each wave is defeated, more enemies will appear on the next one, causing you to constantly need to improve your defences.
  • The game is a tower defence game, so the maps are divided into individual 'chunks' which are visible when the tower overlay is open. Each tower takes up a certain number of 'chunks ', be it horizontally or vertically on the map. As you progress through the waves, you need to strategize where best to place towers and traps to make a maze as long as possible to delay the zombies and have them take as much damage as possible.
  • You can control a player character as well, who can walk around with a weapon and help out the defences, causing extra damage with melee attacks, though the character has limited health so it is possible to die if surrounded.
  • Before the battle starts, you can place down traps as well as choose what companions you want helping in the battle. These cannot be changed after the battle starts, however.
  • Playable heroes can be levelled up. The more you use one hero, the more you'll level them up to get better stats and make them more useful to defend the camp.
  • There are a variety of weapons you can use, though you'll need to unlock them.
  • There are no quests like the main games, it is purely defending your camp. There's no NPCs to talk to nor quests to complete.
  • Characters like Sam B, Xian Mei and John Morgan return.