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Dead Island: Riptide Strategy Guide cover

The Dead Island: Riptide Strategy Guide is a book published by strategy guide writers and publishers BradyGames. It's designed to be the ultimate guide on how to beat Dead Island: Riptide, covering many subjects, including enemies, quests, weapons and collectibles. If you need help completing or finding something, this guide will benefit you.


Game basics[]

This first chapter covers the basics of the game. Levelling up, what weapon types you can find and a quick look at skill trees. It also covers the basics on characters, including comparing different Heroes, replaying previous chapters as well as porting one of your characters from the original Dead Island. It also covers the weapons upgrade levels, which is something new to Dead Island: Riptide.


This covers the playable heroes of the game, as well as introducing you to the new hero in Riptide, John Morgan. It covers the characters in-depth, including their bio and background, their stats, play style and skill trees. It gives you tips on how to succeed as the character as well as breaking down each skill you can get, so you know exactly what you're choosing while levelling up.

Palanai Guide to Zombie Watching[]

This is the section of the guide which covers the types of zombies you'll meet on your travels. However, unlike the strategy guide for the original game, it's far less in-depth in its layout. It gives you a basic rating out of 5 for speed and a threat level out of five skulls for how dangerous they are. It gives a rundown of the special skills as well as quick weak points. It also gives a quick paragraph about the main things to watch out for. However, it does go into detail when it comes to the Dead Zone bosses, with strategies and tactics on dealing with them.


Like with the original guide, the main meat of the guide comes from the walkthrough. However, it's laid out a lot differently than before. Since Riptide doesn't have acts, the walkthrough is divided by the chapters instead. It covers the main quests for that chapter, then the side quests for it, before moving onto the next chapter and repeating. Like before, it gives a detailed walkthrough with information such as the difficulty, quest giver, reward and XP earned with accompanying images. It also gives out a small map which is numbered to help you know where to go. It also points out any weapon mods, important loot or collectibles you might find on the way.

Team Quests[]

This section comes after the main walkthrough and just talks you through team quests, that are new to Riptide. It gives a short description of what they are and what they do before listing off each quest line and some details on completing them.


Again like in the original guide, this section covers repairing, upgrading and modding weapons. How to do it, what they use and what stats they change are all in this section. It also covers all the weapon mods, where to find them and what they require. It lists the mods alphabetically, regardless of what weapon class they change. However, it does include where the mods can be found on maps which are shown as pins, so it's an easy visual on where to look for a certain mod.


This section covers all the collectibles you can find, including Angela Guerra's Recordings, the Secret Files and Postcards. It lists them all off on maps which are labelled, with a reference down the side describing exactly how they look at the location.

Points of Interest[]

These are a picture of each map that have various pins on them which represent different things depending on what they are. Portal icons are location transitions, crossed wrenches are workbench locations, money symbols are merchants and crosshair icons are general locations and other important things. They are all numbered and there's a list of what they are on the opposite page.


This is a small section dedicated to explaining what merchants are, what they do and how to change their inventories. It also lists exactly what the merchant specialises in and what their inventory can be at any possible time. It lists out every item they might sell to you, so it's a useful reference for finding a specific weapon or mod item.

Riptide Cooperative Play[]

This section covers all the co-op features. It goes over joining and leaving a game, how to mark targets and how looting works in co-op mode. How you can trade with other players, how to start and finish quests, pick up downed teammates and drive vehicles together.


This final section covers the challenges and achievements in the game. It gives a short description of what it requires and what it gives in return.

Errors and incorrect information[]

  • Peter "The Undying" Spicer entry has got the wrong map location on it. It actually shows James 'Killer' Nisira's dead zone location instead.
  • Joel "Blackheart" Chubalba doesn't have an image for his entry, it's just a blacked out outline of an Infected.
  • The Zimakani Rest is occasionally mislabelled as the Zimakami Rest.
  • The entry for Rescue Kyle is incorrectly named as Rescue Carlos.
    • The funny thing about this is that Rescue Carlos is on the opposite page!
  • For some reason, none of the ammo blueprints are listed under the mods list. This is except for the Rifle Ammo Recipe, which IS listed and is the only one listed.
  • Similarly strangely, some of the mods do not have their effects listed. For example, both the Toxic Mod and Shocking Sledge Mod do not have stats listings despite appearing in the original game and most certainly having stats in-game! There's around 20 or more mods that have this problem, though some of them are things like the Stun Bomb Blueprint.
  • In the applicable weapon list for the Liquid Fire Mod, several weapons are misspelt.
  • In the description of the Magic Wand Mod, the word 'figured' has a misplaced space so it appears as 'fi gured'.
    • The description of the Shock Rifle Mod also has this issue, as both the word 'rifle' and 'modified' are written as 'rifl e' and 'modifi ed'.
  • In the description of the Shocking Crowbar Mod, one of the word 'the' is misspelt as 'teh'.
  • In the applicable weapons list for the Detox Rifle Mod, the Single Shot Rifle is incorrectly named Shingle Shot Rifle.
  • In the applicable weapons list for the Torch Mod, the Golf Club is incorrectly named Golfe Club.
  • In the applicable weapons list for the Glazed Mod, the Home Run is listed twice for whatever reason.
  • Some of the weapons that merchants can sell are incorrectly listed under 'throwables' rather than 'inventory'.
  • Bruce is not listed under the merchants listing for some reason, even though in the walkthrough for his side quest White Line, it mentions that he becomes a merchant at the end of it.


  • As the guide was released before any DLC, Makayla does not have her full inventory listed for the premium items she can sell if the Survivor Pack DLC is installed.
    • In addition to this, the BBQ Mod is also not listed under the mods as it was released after the guide came out.