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Dead Island: Riptide is an action role-playing game developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver. It is a standalone sequel to Dead Island and was released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on April 23, 2013 for North America and Australasia. It was then released in Europe on April 26, 2013. The game was later ported to the Mac OS X on April 28th, 2014. A remaster of the game called Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition was released on May 31st, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows and playable on Playstation 5. This version of the game was also bundled with a remaster of Dead Island in the Dead Island Definitive Collection.

Main Plot[]

The game's story picks up right where the initial Dead Island left off, with the survivors landing on a military ship after their flight from Banoi. However, they are kept imprisoned inside the ship and experimented on individually. The Heroes thought that they had escaped the terrors of Banoi and survived the approaching apocalypse, but their fate takes a turn for the worst. After meeting John Morgan in the ship, the heroes awake one day to find the ship overrun with zombies. After fighting through the ship, they reach the bridge and deal with The Captain, who is now undead. Colonel Hardy attempts to steer the ship away from the rocks, but it crashes and strands them on Palanai, located still in the Banoi archipelago. Palanai has also been struck by the infection, and the island has been overrun with zombies. The survivors are found on the beach by a woman named Harlow Jordan. She instructs them to head to the survivor camp called Paradise Survival Camp.

As they arrive the camp is under attack by Infected and the Heroes must help defend the camp, building debris to stop the infected for a little while. After the attack the main plan is to reach the city of Henderson to contact the Military for extraction. They head to Halai Village to see if there are any boats available to take to Henderson but the survivors there tell them that all the ships left long ago. They try the road but it is washed out. The only choice left is to take the underground tunnels that the Japanese built in World War II, but they are flooded. They build a water pump to drain the tunnels but they have to defend the area for the noise attracts the undead.  Once in the tunnels they must fight through undead and living enemies. As they reach the crossing to Henderson they find the station has been taken over by Convicts so with no choice they have to kill them. Once the ferry has been called the Heroes must defend the station, and once the ferry arrives they must engage the Screamer.

They finally arrive in Henderson only to find the city completely overrun with infected. Even the military base fell to the undead hordes. The Heroes secure the old movie theatre as a base of operations for the time being. The Heroes check out the base to contact the army to extract them, but the only response they get is from Frank Serpo, claiming that the colonel is dead and that he is sending a chopper. As the chopper arrives Serpo tries to trick the Heroes into boarding the chopper so he can leave the normal people behind to die. Not falling for it, Colonel Hardy tries to board so he can leave but is shot by a soldier. As a result of this, Logan shoots the chopper down using a rocket launcher. The chopper crashes at the Old Fort and the heroes go to see if it is salvageable but the chopper is completely destroyed.

They follow a trail of blood to an injured pilot who tells them that Serpo killed one of the pilots to distract the Infected so he could save his own life. After that they find Serpo who tells them that Harlow is a terrorist who was planning on selling the Virus to make "a shit load of money" and that she is in the quarantine zone at the docks. The Heroes break open the quarantine zone gates and rush to the docks where they find all the human survivors dead and Harlow ranting.  She says the government unleashed the virus on Palanai to test the lethality of the new bio-weapon they planned on using, and that the immune could never leave or the whole world would end up like Banoi and Palanai.

Harlow injects herself with the mutagen and fights them. The heroes then take a dose of the mutagen to defeat Harlow. After the fight they find a boat and prepare to leave when Serpo enters the room. He pleads for the immune to come with him saying he could cure them from the mutagen. Instead, they leave him to his fate and he is mauled and killed by Infected. As the boat is leaving it is shown that the hospital camp and movie theatre have been overrun by Infected. A Ram busts through the security shutters 6 days later, and a similar boat is seen docking at an unknown island as news reports are saying that Palanai and Banoi are returning to normal. As inhabitants approach the arrived boat, retching and gurgling sounds of zombies can be heard inside the boat, leaving you curious about the current status of our heroes.


  • Players can import their Dead Island game progress. If players do not import their character, they can start a new character and will automatically begin with level 15.
  • Cash and weapons will not be imported, only the skill trees.
  • Disconnections are dealt with seamlessly, as opposed to offering a break in play.
  • Level limitations between co-op players have been removed, with auto-balancing for enemy groups being implemented.
  • A new type of vehicle is introduced: The Motorboat. It is able to traverse water and gain a temporary speed boost.
  • Weapons are more durable and last longer.
  • Rare weapons such as Zed's Demise and Pick of Destiny are no longer quest rewards, you must find them through chests spread out across the game world.
  • Firearms do much more damage to zombies than what they would normally do in the previous game.
  • New weapons such as mines, poison and sonic bombs, new blunt and sharp weapons, throwing knives, a stun gun, a flare gun, a harpoon gun, a nail gun, a rocket launcher, and a Sniper Rifle
  • New mutated zombies, including the WrestlerGrenadier, Drowner, and the Screamer.
  • Zombie spawning system has been altered and overhauled.
  • Side quests have been advanced and feature boss zombies (within areas marked as Dead Zones) which bear their own backstory. These enemies are higher difficulty, can often instantly kill players or deal severe amounts of damage within 1-3 hits, and cannot be kicked/knocked back.
  • A new type of mission, a wave defence style 'siege event' mission which requires you and your team to defend the safehouse against waves of zombies.
  • A new playable character, John Morgan, was introduced, specializing in using Claws and Knuckles.
  • Individual weapon proficiencies, which grant additional bonuses to weapons of their given type when they are levelled up. They gain experience when used against enemies.
  • A new powerful attack type: the Jump Attack

Changes from Dead Island[]

  • Level cap increased from 60 to 70.
  • All characters gain a new group Fury skill, a skill that enables faster recovery when knocked down, a skill that prevents them from being knocked down during Fury and a charging attack.
  • Special Zombies and the end game boss can no longer be knocked down by blunt weapons with Impact mods or firearms with Pride mods.
  • The game is no longer divided into 4 acts.
  • Thugs have a new attack where they attack three times in rapid succession. This is their only attack that can be interrupted by the player. Thugs are also less muscular than in Dead Island. In the previous game, Thugs were very muscular and often shirtless however in Dead Island Riptide, they are now taller versions of male Walker models but without the extra muscle mass.
  • Thrown weapons do more damage. White rarity, non-upgraded weapons can now potentially kill an enemy with one throw instead of multiple throws. This also increased the damage weapons thrown by enemies can deal with most throws being fatal if the player has already taken some form of damage.
  • Legendary weapons with unique names such as the Zed's Demise can no longer spawn in game. They still exist in the game's code but must be modded in using specialized save editing software. Normal Legendary rarity weapons can be found though.
  • Rams and Butchers have a reduced chance of dropping Legendary weapons. In Dead Island, they had a maximum of a 10% chance to drop one however in Dead Island Riptide, the now have a maximum of 4%.
  • Brass Knuckles are no longer classed as blunt weapons, they are classed as hand-to-hand weapons.
  • The reward from Continuous Quests scale with the player's level, making them far more beneficial to do than in Dead Island where their rewards were fixed.
  • Zombies no longer spawn with any type of body armour or covered in Floater vomit. Mutated Scientists can't have their limbs destroyed or their heads smashed/cut off however.
  • Zombies no longer take damage over time when knocked down in water.
  • The chainsaw can now be refuelled when "repaired" at a work bench.
  • Characters now have individual dialogue during certain sections of the game.
  • Single-Shot Rifles are removed from the game.
  • The cross-hairs in game have been redesigned to now be smaller and more transparent and features a circle around it. This new design is actually less efficient since it's so easy to lose track of it because of its transparency.
  • Vehicles do significantly more damage, being able to kill enemies even at very slow speeds.
  • Weapons now show only their max stats after factoring boosts from skills, mods and upgrades. In Dead Island, weapons showed their base stats plus the extra boosts they got. but in Dead Island: Riptide, only the final figure is shown.
  • Modification parts now have an in-game model for those that have fixed spawns, just like weapons. They will still only have the loot icon when found in containers however.


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Dead Island: Riptide was first announced in June 2012 [1]. Despite being the sequel to Dead Island, Deep Silver's Aubrey Norris had said that it's not "Dead Island 2," hinting that there may be future plans for the series.[2] Since then, an official Dead Island 2 has been confirmed and released in 2023.


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