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Dead Island: Retro Revenge
Name Requirement Points Trophy Image
Insert Coin Complete your first level 50 Trophy bronze Insert coin
Pound Cake Kill 10 enemies with the sledgehammer power up 50 Trophy bronze Pound cake
Airborne Appendages Get 20 projectile kills in one stage 50 Trophy bronze Airborne appendages
Can't Touch This Finish a stage without taking any damage 50 Trophy bronze Can't touch this retro revenge
Flying Blind Finish a stage with the crosshair off 50 Trophy bronze Flying blind
99 Problems and a Zombie Ain't One Reach a combo of 99 hits in any mode 50 Trophy bronze 99 problems
Pacifist Finish a stage without killing a single enemy 50 Trophy bronze Pacifist
No Cat Left Behind Complete the final stage in story mode 100 Trophy silver No cat left behind
On Rails Finish a level without ever changing lanes 50 Trophy bronze On rails
Half Marathon Reach stage 2-5 in marathon mode 100 Trophy bronze Half marathon
Bow to Me Attain 5 stars on all story stages 200 Trophy gold Bow to me
A Survivor is Born Reach wave 10 in survivor mode 100 Trophy silver A survivor is born
Blistered Feet Complete marathon mode 100 Trophy silver Blistered feet