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Patch Notes[]

Voice Over[]

  • VO for Mr. White added
  • Character VO is now heard by all players

Attack Speed[]

  • Attack Speed calculation has been reworked. Stacking attack speed previously scaled exponentially. This change does not affect single attack speed buffs or attack speed bonuses from weapons but will have an impact when several buffs are stacked (something that could cause unintentionally high attack speed - for example when Armored Berg's ultimate was combines with attack speed weapons and attack speed buffs).

Armored Berg[]

  • Berserk
    • Attack Speed has been increased to 30% from 25% to cater for the new attack speed calculation.

Mr. White[]

  • Action Hero
    • Action hero no longer turn Mr. Whites team color blue
    • The effects has been reworked


  • Slight re-balances to certain enemy events
  • Free Civilian from Cocoon Event - Increased cocoon base health to 4500 from 4000
  • Escort Mission - Enemy assaults should now trigger further away from the base