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Contagion pack DLC

The Dead Island: Epidemic - Contagion Pack is a DLC for Dead Island: Epidemic. It was released on 9th May 2014 on Steam for £29.99. The DLC came with multiple weapons, upgrade parts and numerous other bonuses. In addition, three copies of the DLC would be given upon purchasing to gift to three other players.


We may have a touch of “zombie brain” with this pack because if you purchase this one, you will get everything below, not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOUR TIMES: One copy for you, and three gift copies so you can, ahem, spread the Epidemic to your pals. Join the outbreak now! Reinforced Twig - it’s a superbly crafted stick. With dirty big nails in it. Zipguns - two for the price of one! Junkyard Rifle - a nifty rifle made out of junk and love. Mostly love. Raised Stakes - contrary to public opinion, stakes are not only effective on vampires. They are pretty awesome on any member of the undead community. Sharpened Shovel - making the business end of the shovel even more serious. Rocky Gloves - if Rocky actually had worn these it would've been a much shorter (and way bloodier) series of movies. Pew Pistols - now with 100% more pew. Dangerous Cleaver - because a regular cleaver just doesn’t have enough pointy edges. The Crossbow - who needs guns? The weapon of choice for getting medieval on zombie hordes. Bruise Control - it’s wheely, wheely good for killing zombies. Are you tyred of these puns yet? Stock Shotgun - point, shoot, reload, rinse, repeat. It may not be pretty, but it gets the job done. A special Tier 4 beer-flavoured weapon: The Keghammer: “It’s pretty keg-ass” - Our ex-copywriter. Golden Precise Shotgun - the worst thing about shotguns is that they aren’t normally all that precise. Or made of gold. Enter the “Golden Precise Shotgun”: Done and done. A rather fancy Golden edition of the Sprocket Hammer heavy weapon. Wipe after each use... (it's cool, it’s gold: zombie brains and stains will come right off) 28 Day booster: increasing your match rewards - Granting more Consumables, Blueprints, Crafting Parts, Gear Points, Character Points and XP. 20,000 Character Points to spend on new characters. 150,000 Gear Points to spend on new weapons, consumables and more. An additional 20,000 in-game cash to spend on whatever you like: new weapons, characters, boosters or consumables - the choice is yours! Show off your early access status with a special in-game Title & Icon: “Contagious” You’ll also receive additional unlocks when the game hits open beta and launch: At Open Beta: A pack of an additional 4 characters, 1 month of increased match rewards and a month of premium membership when the game hits open beta. At Launch: When the game hits launch you will also receive another character pack of 4 characters and a 2 months of increased match rewards as well as 2 months of premium membership (where your benefits will stack with your booster). Weekly gain of 3,500 Cash Weekly gain of 40,000 Gear Points Weekly gain of 800 Character Points Increased match rewards: earn more Consumables, Blueprints, Crafting Parts, Gear Points, Character Points and XP. 25% discount on Gear Point prices at the in-game shop A unique icon displayed next to your profile picture in the crib
— the description of the DLC



  • Due to Epidemic being shut down at the end of 2015 in Open Beta, the game was never fully released. As such, buyers of this DLC did not get all the rewards they purchased, namely the full release items, as the game never left Open Beta before it was closed.