Deadisland girl
Daughter, bitten.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Possibly 10 to 12


Family Mother (mother), Father (father)
Status Deceased
Location Banoi Island

The daughter is an unnamed character that appears in the Dead Island trailer. She is visiting Banoi Island as part of a vacation with her father and mother. She appears to be around 10 to 12 years old. The daughter wears a T-shirt that has a Surf Angel logo along with blue jeans and wears flip-flops.


At some point during her exploration of the hotel, the daughter is caught up in the initial moments of the outbreak and flees towards her parent's hotel room. She is chased by a horde of undead who eventually catch up to her and bite her. Her father and mother open the door to rescue her from the zombies, but are soon overrun. The daughter quickly dies from her injuries and later regains consciousness as one of the infected. She jumps onto the back of her father and bites him in the neck, leaving him no choice but to throw her out of the building through the window to her death.


  • When the trailer was shown depicting the daughter being attacked, it drew controversy. This resulted in the exclusion of children from the game as developers felt that it would be inappropriate. This makes her the only child to ever be shown as a zombie. 
  • Due to the exclusion of children, traces of the daughter have been removed from the game, though her father and mother can be found.
    • After the Hero exits their hotel room in the Prologue, taking a left instead of a right will allow the player to visit the room where they were all killed. 
    • Strangely enough, the window where the daughter gets thrown out of is somehow fixed when the Hero goes there. 
    • Also, the place where she landed doesn't exist in the game map. 
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"In times like these, you think people would pull together."
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