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Dani was a survivor featured in Dead Island: The Book.


He was located in Saint Christopher's Church under the leadership of Mother Helen, known as Sister Helen. Before the outbreak, he and his brother Pedro ran a business in Moresby that set up security systems for companies and individuals on Banoi, including CCTV, electric fencing and locking systems. At some point, they installed a new vault for the police.

He is first met by the heroes at the very end of chapter 8, where he is introduced with Sister Helen at the Church. He agrees to mutually help out the heroes by going with them to the Police Station and unlocking the vault to get weapons so the heroes can retrieve medicine for the people at the Church. Since Dani was the one to install the vault, he has the access code to unlock it.

In chapter 9, Dani goes with them and Jin in the van to direct them to the station. On the way, he explains that the station will be locked with a four digit code. Purna persuades him to tell them, in case they get separated, so he tells them it's 4274.

Once they arrive at the Police Station, they enter through the front door while Dani guides them through the corridors. However, before they reach the vault, they are ambushed by a group of bandits. The heroes try to bluff their way out, but Dani tells them they are there to get guns. The bandits laugh and tell them that there's no way into the vault, as it's locked, but Dani again makes the mistake of telling them that he knows the code. After a tense standoff, the heroes reluctantly agree to the bandits proposition to go get them food so they'll give them access to the armoury. They keep Jin and Dani with them as insurance so the heroes don't double back on their deal.

Dani is then not seen until right at the end of chapter 10, after the heroes have raided the supermarket for supplies and returned to the Police Station. After dropping the supplies at the door, the heroes try the code to find it not work. Deducing that the bandits made Dani change the code, the heroes decide to retreat to the van to think it over. They are shot at before they can and after reaching the van, they see a bandit hurriedly take in the supplies. Another tells them from the upper floor that they've finished with Dani and they can have him back. At this, they throw his body out the window which lands sprawled on the floor, either dead or unconscious. The heroes leave as zombies converge on the area, leaving Dani's body to the zombies.

It is later revealed by Jin that, whilst in the police station, Dani tried to protect her from the bandits but they killed him and raped Jin, confirming that Dani was indeed dead when he was thrown from the window.


Dani is described as a tall and handsome man, though his clothing is never specifically described.


  • He appears to be the book replacement for Joseph, since he also goes with the heroes to show them the route across Moresby. The difference is Joseph takes them to the Sewer entrance while Dani takes them to the Police Station. Both men die in their respective mediums as well. Joseph to a zombie and Dani to the bandits, though Joseph was beaten up beforehand.
  • Dani speaks in broken English, described as 'good but strongly accented'.
  • Dani shares his first name with Dani from the 2014 cancelled Dead Island 2 and Dani from the new Dead Island 2.