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Curtis Sinclair's Mansion is a location featured in Dead Island 2. It was the mansion that was home to Curtis Sinclair, a celebrity in Bel-Air.


  • A green 'uncommon' rarity Cleaver can be found on the kitchen island countertop in the mansion's kitchen.
  • The Lightweight Perk can be found on the piano stool in one of the living rooms.
  • After first meeting a Screamer during the main quest Serengeti Siren, the named Screamer Crystal the Lawyer can be encountered near the guest house.
  • After completing Curtis' side quest The Death of the Party, the switch on the garage door will work, allowing you to get into the garage and access its loot.
    • A Workbench is found next to the side door.
    • Curtis' Garage Key is found to the right of the workbench, allowing the side door to be opened.
    • The Reinforced Perk is found to the left of the workbench.
  • A green 'uncommon' rarity Rake can be found leaning against the wall opposite the workbench.


  • The house number is 62 Alpine Drive.