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For the similar enemy found in the other games, see Thug.

Bites are the least of your worries with these big nasty motherfuckers. Crushers swing at anything, human or zombie, and they hit like a truck! If one jumps at you, better move the fuck out of the way or they'll make you move. My two cents: their arms are their weapons, and weapons are worthless when they're broken.
— Mr. Haymaker

The Crusher is an Apex zombie featured in Dead Island 2. They are first encountered in the Halperin Hotel during the main quest Room Service for Major Booker. Afterwards, they can be found throughout Los Angeles.


Crushers are highly powerful, muscular, mutated zombies which prioritize strength over speed. They are taller than an average human and more muscular than most too. They are also easily spotted and identifiable from a distance, not only due to their impressive physical size but also from their behaviour, which consists of occasionally roaring or stomping around.


Crushers are the result of a muscular or athletic person becoming a zombie. They are physically larger and much tougher than most of the other zombie types. They exhibit strengthened muscles, and tower over their lesser brethren, but differ little visually from most Walkers and Runners. Reddened varicose veins can be seen running through their skin, especially around their arms, emphasizing their tremendous arm strength. Crushers are usually dressed in athletic or fitness-related clothing, alluding to their backgrounds as formerly being physically-fit individuals such as bodybuilders.


When unagitated, Crushers usually patrol an area, stomping around whilst searching for prey in the form of uninfected survivors. They will occasionally pause to throw their head back and roar, before resuming their patrol. When spotting a survivor, they will stomp towards them at a walking pace, and if close enough, they will swing powerful punches, attempting to break bones or knock over survivors. They will also jump up and bring their arms down in a ground pound, releasing a shockwave that will knock over any nearby survivors.


  • Inferno Crusher - A variant of the Crusher that has mutated to withstand fire and can launch fireballs at players.

Notable Crushers[]


  • Avoid using explosives, as Crushers are resistant to explosive damage.
  • They are weak to bleed damage.
  • Due to their slow walking speed, they can be outran if necessary.
  • Crushers will not attempt to avoid any environmental damage whilst pursuing the player, and as such they can be led to areas where environmental effects can easily deal heavy damage to them, such as an area with Caustic-X on the floor or coming out of a pipe.
  • Their shockwaves can be avoided by jumping over them before they reach the player. Crushers become exposed when they perform an Overhead Smash and will take more stability damage if attacked. By charging a heavy attack and jumping over the ground pound, players can usually get a hit in and deal a good amount of damage.
  • After reaching roughly half health, Crushers will periodically become enraged, as indicated by an angry red symbol next to their name and health bar. In this state, the Crusher will unleash two Overhead Smashes in succession.
  • These can be avoided by retreating from the Crusher or jumping over both shockwaves. Avoid getting caught out by this.
  • Players can use their Overhead Smashes to their advantage as they can damage, kill and unbalance nearby zombies, making them useful for thinning out hordes.
  • A Crusher's main weakness is its arms. If a player manages to avoid their attacks and get close, they can maim their arms. This will prevent them from punching and performing Overhead Smashes.
  • Should both arms be severed, they will resort to kicking or biting to attack.
  • If a player manages to sever one of their legs, they will die instantly, regardless of their remaining health.
  • Using the Chem Bomb and Electric Stars Curveballs, it is possible to deal a lot of electrical damage to a Crusher and any surrounding zombies these curveballs manage to hit.
  • Using a Water Jerrycan will have a similar effect as a Chem Bomb, though less reliably.




Name Criteria Description
First Blood Kill 1 Crusher Crushers are swollen with autophage-reinforced muscle fibers! Their OVERHEAD SMASH sends a seismic shockwave through the ground. JUMP over it to avoid getting knocked silly!
Under The Skin Kill 10 Crushers A Crusher resists EXPLOSIVE and is weak to BLEED damage. Its arms and head are most vulnerable, but its legs are very tough.
Sliced To The Bone Kill 25 Crushers MAIM a Crusher's arm to prevent FLAIL and OVERHEAD SMASH attacks and harvest some fun zombie parts.
Deep In The Guts Crushers are EXPOSED after their OVERHEAD SMASH and KICK attacks. EXPOSED zombies take more STABILITY damage.

Combat Challenge[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Mostly Armless
Mostly Armless 1 MAIM 5 Crusher arms $100
Mostly Armless 2 MAIM 15 Crusher arms
Mostly Armless 3 MAIM 25 Crusher arms

Zombie Challenge[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Punching Up
Punching Up 1 Slay 10 Crushers while playing the game as any Slayer FORCE+ (+2.5%)
Punching Up 2 Slay 25 Crushers while playing the game as any Slayer FORCE++
Punching Up 3 Slay 50 Crushers while playing the game as any Slayer


  • The Crusher replaces the Thug from previous games.
  • The Overhead Smash skill card allows players to perform a ground pound similar to the Crusher.