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The Crossroads Bungalow is a Dead Zone located in the Flooded jungle and featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It's one of the many dead zones scattered around the game and is a part of the Zimakani Rest.


The dead zone is essentially two separate rooms joined by an outside corridor. The entrance room is a square wooden room with a single divider in the middle and some Wicker Baskets to loot as well as a table and couple of chairs. The double doors to the corridor leading to the other room are open but the corridor has a chain fence either side, protecting it from the two outside areas. The second room is accessible via a double door which is not locked but does keep all the zombies in! The second room itself is quite literally an empty box. There are a few cabinets and tables and chairs but overall the inside is barren of any sort of furniture. There are two single doors at the back of the room on opposite walls. These are locked and need to be broken open to allow access to the outside areas of the dead zone. These outside areas have little of value other than some zombies as they are completely empty outside areas that have no loot or notable features.


The dead zone has no special infected other than a Thug, so that makes it one of the easier dead zones to clear, especially compared to some of these in Henderson. The first room has just a few Walkers, so it's easy enough to clear. The corridor joining the two rooms has the Thug, though a shot from a Sniper Rifle can take it out in one shot. However, considering how early in the game this dead zone can be accessed, a sniper rifle is likely not yet acquired. As such, several headshots from the Flare Gun acquired from Trevor Rogers can kill the Thug from relative safeness. A couple of Molotov Cocktail can also take it down quite easily with little risk. The second room has the largest concentration of zombies, including toxic Infected. A single Sonic Pulse Grenade can clear the room pretty painlessly, allowing for an easy clear up of any zombies that didn't get caught in the blast. However, again depending on when in the game the dead zone is explored, sonic pulse grenades may not have been acquired. As such, a molotov will do exactly the same job, not to mention it can kill the toxic Infected nearly immediately. If no throwables are in your inventory, either a high damage weapon such as a Machete or a fast swinging blunt weapon like a staff will be ideal for taking out the crowd of zombies in this room. Now, from here there are two options, since this room contains all the remaining loot in the dead zone. Either you can leave or break down the doors at the back and clear out the sides. There's not much point to doing this as there's no loot down these sides, only a few Walkers, but if the XP is wanted then by all means go and kill them, but otherwise there's no point in going down the sides.

Crossroads Bungalow
Named Boss None
Blueprints Diamond Edge Mod
Rare Modification Items AC Power Box, Aluminum Tube, Circuit Boards x2, Cyanoacrylate Glue x2
Chests 1x common, 1x level 3
Workbench None
Other notes Though the sound of a Butcher or Infected can be heard from the second building, much like the screams heard at Kiwi Camping, the only enemies inside this Dead Zone are Walkers, Toxic Walkers, a Thug and Infected.


  • When nearing the second building in the dead zone, the screaming of Infected can be heard like that at Kiwi Camping, though nothing happens.
  • A Metal chest can be found in the first room next to the door.
  • Two more are in the second building.
  • The Diamond Edge Mod can be found next to the locked level 3 chest in the second room.