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Crazed Moe is a named Zombie featured in Dead Island: Riptide. He is a named Thug encountered by the Heroes during Stalwart Defense. Not much is known about Crazed Moe, however he was attracted to the Santa Maria Mission due to the loud mud pump that the survivors were using to pump out the entrance to the Japanese Tunnels. The Heroes and survivors kill him whilst defending the missions against the waves of Zombies.


Crazed Moe is large, powerful and slow, with a large amount of health. He's slow and powerful, capable of dealing heavy damage to whatever he hits, be it the defensive fences of the Mission or the Heroes. However, he is also slow and immobile, making him the perfect target for firearms or the stationary Minigun.


Crazed Moe has a randomized Male Thug model.


Moe is attracted by the loud mud pump of the mission, and so is always in an aggressive state. He will attempt to enter the mission and kill the survivors within. When in range of a survivor, he will throw out powerful punches to knock them down or away from him. He will also sometimes perform a spin attack to try and hit multiple survivors at once, as well as more quickly move himself forwards.


  • The mounted miniguns can deal heavy damage to Moe very quickly, despite his large health pool.
  • He is slow so any throwables will deal heavy damage to him, such as Grenades.
  • Sonic Pulse Grenades will do nothing to him, so don't bother using one against him.
  • Stationary Mines will deal heavy damage, so plant some around the Mission or in his walking path to get good damage on him.
  • Firearms work very well on him due to his slow speed and large size.