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Crash is an easy difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Laurie Weaver in Dead Island.


Laurie Weaver will be looking for help near the tunnel entrance. She'll ask the Hero to help her husband, Linwood, to get out of their overturned car he's stuck inside.


  • Talk to Laurie Weaver to start the quest.
  • She'll be calling for help, which is what alerts you to the quest. She's located near the Jungle Tunnel, where the fast travel map is. It's also the location where you travel with Jin to blast open Bunker 02 to get to the Jungle. You'll probably receive this quest while traveling to the City Tunnel Gas Station while completing Ashes to Ashes or Seek'n'Loot.
  • She'll explain that they were driving when they had to swerve to avoid a zombie in the road, leading to the car crashing off the road down the hill.
  • Follow her a short way down to see their overturned white car, with Linwood trapped in the driver's seat.
  • Pull on the door, holding down the indicate button, until the meter is full.
  • The door will open partly, but not enough for Linwood to get out. You'll then hear Infected scream and shortly two pairs of two will run at you.
  • Take good aim at their heads and time you swing to take them out in one hit. They always attack in pairs and there's only two sets to run at you. They are also indicated as white skulls on the minimap when they spawn, so you know where they're running at you from.
  • After you've killed the last one, pull on the door again to open it fully and allow Linwood to escape.
  • Talk to Laurie who will thank you for helping them and telling you to help yourself to the goods in the boot of the car.


The attacking Infected come in two groups of two: one group spawns at the top of the hill while the other spawns at its bottom. If not dealing with them properly, all four Infected may converge at the car's location and the player will have to deal with all four of them at the same time, which due to the unevenness of the terrain might prove to be even more difficult.

To easily complete this sidequest, right after interacting with the car for the first time and hearing the Infected screaming in the distance, rush back to the top of the hill and deal with the two Infected that spawn there. The two Infected at the bottom of the hill won't be able to see the player at that location and won't attack. After dealing with the first two Infected, head downhill and deal with the other two Infected, then return to the car, rescue Linwood and claim the reward.


  • Oddly, Laurie refers to her husband as "John", while his name is Linwood.
  • After receiving the MedKit and Crowbar from the car, then leaving the area, the two will reappear as though the trunk is still closed, even though it will remain open. The loot is not obtainable at this point. The Weavers also disappear, never to be seen again.