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Counsel of Despair is a hard difficulty side quest given to the Hero by James Stein at the Lighthouse in Dead Island.


This quest requires the player to go north of the Lighthouse to finish the "HELP" sign that the Lighthouse survivors began making out of suitcases and crates.


  • Talk to James to start the quest.
  • He tells you that they started to build a big HELP sign next to the Lighthouse in a clearing before being chased off by zombies. He wants you to finish it for them.
  • The clearing is right next to the Lighthouse, down the stairs where Javier sits.
  • There are a few Walkers standing around the area, as well as a couple pretending to be dead on the ground. Kick them to keep them down while you deal with the ones currently standing, to limit the flow of enemies you have to deal with at once.
  • There are a few Infected around, and more will spawn at random intervals. Keep alert while carrying crates.
  • There's also a Thug here, deal with him ASAP to save yourself a lot of bother.
  • Once the area is clear, start collecting crates to finish the sign. They are marked on the map and minimap with white pick-up icons.
  • While carrying them, you can't run, jump or swing a weapon, so if you get attacked, throw the box in their face to knock them down and allow you time to get a weapon ready.
  • When carrying a crate, a blue outline will show where to place it.
  • Once all the crates are down, zombies will no longer spawn and you can go back to James to finish the quest and get your reward.


  • As long as the Thug is alive, Infected will spawn regularly. Take out the Thug ASAP to stop them.
  • Once the sign is completed, that area will no longer spawn zombies.
  • Amongst the assorted materials used to make the sign is a metal chest. Check it every time you come through.


  • The name of this quest is based on the song with the same name by Bob Dylan. This song has been subsequently covered by numerous artists, including Eric Clapton and Guns N' Roses.

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