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Colt Swanson is a named Walker featured in Dead Island 2. He is a zombified celebrity first met by the Slayers during the main quest Desperately Seeking Emma, where they need to cut through his house, 70 Alpine Drive, in Bel-Air.

Colt seemed to be a famous musician, specifically a guitarist. He was the owner of 70 Alpine Drive and hid inside the panic room during the outbreak with another person, but not until after he was infected. He turned inside his panic room while playing the guitar and devoured the other person with him, the events of which were documented in an audio recording. The panic room locked his undead form inside like a tomb. He has the Swanson Mansion Keycard which the slayers must kill him to obtain.


Colt is a completly bald middle aged man. He wears a smart white dress shirt with a a light blue tie, black suit pants, and black dress shoes.


Colt will be feasting on the corpse of the other person who hid in the panic room with him, and upon spotting the Slayer, he will head towards them, growling, swiping and attempting to grapple and bite them.

Strategy and tips[]

  • Since Colt is a named zombie, he has more health and deals more damage than a regular walker.
  • He has no special abilities, so any normal walker strategies will work.
  • If you can knock him down, his head can be stomped for an instant kill.
  • As he is slow, throwing weapons at him until he dies is viable.


  • Colt is the first named zombie encountered in the game.
  • Upon death, he rewards 30 XP points.
  • Colt deals ~13% more damage than a regular walker.


  • Colt played tennis as a hobby, and hired Coach Ace to help him train and improve his skills in the sport.
  • It is strongly implied that Colt was a heavy alcoholic and had a serious drinking problem; not only does his mansion contain a bar and a wine cellar, but a delivery receipt and a note from his girlfriend, Cindy, also reveal that he spent over $15,000 alone on imported whiskey and was even eyeing a bottle of rare 18 year-old Ardkillin whiskey given to him by Curtis Sinclair, forcing her to stage an intervention by confiscating the bottle and keeping it in her guest room.
  • In a note with his girlfriend Cindy, Colt mentions that he didn’t believe that the virus was real and that people would just steal from him if he evacuated. This explains why he stayed in Hel-LA instead of evacuating.