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Colt's Gal Cindy is a named Screamer featured in Dead Island 2. She is encountered by the Slayers during the side quest Creature Comforts, in the Colt Swanson's Mansion in Bel-Air.

Cindy was the girlfriend of celebrity musician Colt Swanson, and she was living with him prior to the outbreak. She detested his alcoholism, and the amount of whiskey and other alcohol that Colt ordered in. However, she was determined to work through it with him, and figured out a way to try and break his drinking habit by locking up the alcohol. When the outbreak occurred, Colt and Cindy were in his mansion, preparing to get to their booked flight out of Los Angeles. Colt, however, didn't believe there was a zombie outbreak and so decided to drink and remain in the panic room of his mansion. Cindy was set on reaching the evac plane, and so went to get Colt's grandfather's Officer's Sword from the display room of the mansion. She was infected whilst doing this, though, and never managed to get the sword before she turned. The Slayers find her in the mansion and have to kill her.


Like any other Screamer, Cindy will mostly stand and twitch when unagitated, though when prey is spotted, she will attempt to close to medium distance before unleashing a debilitating scream.


Cindy's body is covered in cuts and blood, whilst the red and black floral dress she was wearing is damaged, bloody and torn up. She has lost whatever footwear she was wearing, now being barefoot, whilst her hand have turned into sharp claws.


  • Due to being just a Screamer, any normal Screamer tactics will work on Cindy.
  • She is encountered in the entrance and stairwell of Colt's Mansion, which isn't a particularly large area. As such, leading her out to the front driveway will give you much more space to fight her.
  • Using a ranged weapon, such as a Sporting Rifle, will interrupt her scream, allowing you to approach her.
  • Alternatively, using ranged Curveballs have the same effect, with the Shuriken and Electric Star giving the most immediate results.
  • Cindy is usually found with various other basic zombies, namely Walkers, Shamblers and Runners, who will become enraged from her scream. Targeting and killing Cindy first will prevent this, though these "minion" zombies will make that more difficult.