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For the zombie of a similar name featured in Dead Island 2, see Colt Swanson.

Reliable handgun, exactly what Miya wanted
— in-game description

DIR colt

The Colt is a quest item featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It is a firearm that Miya wants for her side quest Surplus. To defend herself, Miya asks the Heroes to find her a firearm, and she thinks they can find it in the Biosphere Bunker. Upon arriving, the Colt is found in a large green crate in the upper parapet, undamaged. The Heroes then take the weapon back to Miya, who thanks them.


  • Despite looking like the Revolver, the gun is not usable by the Heroes.


  • The weapon uses the same model as the Revolver and has a similar name to the cut Colt .38. As such, it's possible that the Colt. 38 was going to be in the game but eventually cut, with the name of this quest item being unchanged.